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Celebrating 25 Years at Tischler Wood

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Tischler Celebrating Their History, Excited about the Future!

by Tim Osmondson, Publisher of SCA Living Magazine

This year, Tischler Wood has been celebrating their 25th year in business! And both Bryan and Carin Becker want to send out a huge thank you to all of their customers, contractors, designers and especially to their team members at Tischler Wood; because without all of you Tischler Wood would not be the company it is today! What began as a small custom cabinet and woodworking shop in 1994 has expanded and grown over the last 25 years making it now stand out amongst one of the region’s leaders in their industry.

With Bryan Becker, it is the story behind the story that makes his journey so wonderful to tell of how he got to where he is today. In my own words and you might be surprised, but arguably, we have one of America’s finest woodworkers operating a custom cabinet shop right here in Central Minnesota. They serve customers, contractors and designers throughout the state, Midwest regions and have even served customers throughout the United States.

The Beginnings of The Tischler Difference

Thirty-two years ago, Bryan had a dream. His dream was to be a craftsman in wood working and he made that dream become reality. He worked hard, studied his trade immensely, learned the art of communication, operations of a business and implementing his rare design skills that are all important facets that truly make up, “The Tischler Difference.”

There is a difference at Tischler Wood that cannot be ignored. Caryn Gallagher, a recent customer of Tischler, remarked that “people walk into our kitchen and immediately recognize the quality craftsmanship that was involved! From family and friends, to the sub-contractors which have that critical eye to recognize the difference. I am truly in love with my kitchen.” Today, Bryan lets the quality of Tischler Wood stand on its own. But, to his customers, contractors and designers they all beam with high praise and delight with each completed installation. Thus, experts in the field and to his customers he may as well be established as a renowned ‘Master Craftsman.”

Prior to Starting Tischler Wood

Bryan worked hard at an early age to gain the knowledge, enhance his skills and artistic talents to prepare himself to become one of the top reputable custom cabinetmakers in the greater Minnesota area. While attending North Hennepin Technical College, his instructor Dennis Regan recognized early on Bryan’s determination and passion for woodworking and pushed him to begin competing first locally and then, nationally in woodworking competitions. Dennis and Bryan both traveled together for these competitions throughout the United States.

Mr. Regan championed Bryan’s participation in these woodworking competitions where Bryan placed first nationally and was then invited to go on and compete internationally representing the United States in Taiwan in Woodworking. Because of Black and Decker’s full sponsorship, Bryan and Dennis were both able to attend and compete amongst the world’s top woodworking competition. Bryan went on to finish 6th for the United States at the international woodworking competition held in Taiwan, he was one of seventeen other competitors representing their countries involved. Historically, the American participant never placed “better than last place.”

If you were like me, you probably didn’t know that such competitions existed. Bryan quickly was recognized within these competitions as a highly skilled woodworker showing great talent to design and create quality woodworking pieces within the necessary guidelines of custom cabinetmaking.

After these awe-inspiring experiences for him, it led Bryan to make the decision with the support of Mr. Regan to attend a year-long foreign exchange program in Germany. It’s here, where Bryan feels truly blessed to had been mentored by a very prominent German cabinetmaker. Herr Klages or should I say – “Die Tischler” (Cabinetmaker in German) was reluctant in the beginning to take responsibility of an American exchange student, but by the persistence of Bryan’s host mother of continually contacting Herr Klages, he finally conceded. Initially, Herr Klages handed over miniscule work to Bryan – as he didn’t believe Bryan had a true understanding of quality woodworking. Bryan illustrated great patience on these projects and Herr Klages watched him closely and after a week or so to Herr Klages surprise found Bryan to be a very knowledgeable craftsman and realized Bryan could be trusted to work on any project brought to his organization. From there, a life-long friendship and mentorship was created. At Herr Klages’s, Bryan learned the most valuable lessons of operating a cabinet business. He learned from Herr Klages directly, how to manage and operate the insides of a woodworking shop from customer services, estimating a job, then onto, drafting, installing the project to proper care managing the team. Although, Bryan was taught a lot regarding Germany’s well-known quality woodworking that year, he also learned the value of experiencing and living in another country. It brought him an understanding and accepting of other cultures and viewpoints that he would have never received if he never studied overseas.

Tischler Wood opened Its Doors in 1994

Bryan and Carin Becker were high school sweethearts and their dream of owning a cabinet shop began on May 2, 1994. Both young and soon to be married in June – but illustrated the trust and belief in one another to begin this business together. They both were looking for an area that would be conducive to family life and owning a business, that brought them to Avon, MN. A small community right off the I-94 corridor with easy access throughout Central Minnesota. Neither of them ever imagining that Tischler would become such a highly respected household name amongst the building industry. In the beginning, before Bryan and Carin married, Bryan slept in the cabinet shop on a small futon, with a sleeping bag. Working hard every moment of the day starting this business. Being young at age 22 – Bryan was now a business owner producing the craft that he loved!

In Bryan’s mind, Tischler Wood became the household name it is today because of the support of his wife, his family, team members, business partners and several influential mentors that have all played a significant role in his life and career. First, he credits his parents, Richard and Mary Becker who taught him hard work, responsibility and nurtured his business acumen. His high school industrial teacher, Doug Michael who gave him his passion and love for the craft and encouraged him to attend North Hennepin Technical School in Brooklyn Park that is dedicated entirely to the art of woodworking. And, to Dennis Regan who at the time was Hennepin Tech’s woodworking instructor who Bryan gives credit to fine tuning his skills, supporting him throughout his woodworking competitions and encouraging Bryan to study abroad in Germany. Even today, Dennis is still a trusted mentor and they both share a great bond and respect for one another. In Dennis’s words he shared this about Bryan, “It has been one of my greatest pleasures to watch Bryan grow up from a “driven, soak it all in” teenager to him now operating Tischler Wood, a very successful cabinet and woodworking shop providing uncompromising quality and attention to the smallest of details. I feel blessed to have played a small role in him reaching his lifelong goals.”

What are The Tischler Differences?

“The Tischler Difference” are made up of numerous little differences that all add up to make a big difference for our customers once the finished project is installed. Here are three of the differences I would like to recognize for you.

First, after 25+ years’ operating his business, Bryan has learned how to best work with customers by listening to them closely and finding out exactly what their style and needs are for their finished project. He has an innate ability to understand what is most important to a client and bring to life their dream kitchen, home, cabin to the style and functionality of their wants. Many times, he will hand draw his thoughts from the conversations of his clients to ensure that his ideas are matching theirs. Leah, Tischler’s in-house designer brings a tremendous amount of experience and carries superb qualities like Bryan’s to the customers. As one loyal Tischler customer, Denae Juntunen shared, “I have worked with both Bryan and Leah individually on two separate projects and received similar results as I was in left in “Awe” each time!”

Second, when customers walk into Tischler Wood’s showroom they immediately will experience the Tischler Difference. Bryan and his team have created the necessary visual’s allowing him to walk the client’s through various details of the process of building the customer’s dream cabinets so that they can make informed decisions on the quality and understand every detail of building their custom cabinets. There are a variety of different doors, pull outs, hinges, hardware, pictures and a generous amount of different finishes and countertop samples to choose from allowing the customers to select exactly the right style for them. And, if the customer cannot find just the right finish that they love, Bryan will often have it customized to their satisfaction. From there, the clients may take a tour of the actual woodworking shop and witness the multiple departments for themselves that is necessary to complete their dream project. From the sheet of wood, cutting, shaping, production and finishing the final piece, the processes have truly become a science that Bryan and his team has developed throughout the last twenty-five years.

Third, the Team at Tischler Wood is state of art and probably the greatest reason Tischler has become a household name amongst central Minnesota. Many of the employees have been with Tischler for over 15 + years. Both, Bryan and Carin recognize each of the employee’s talents and know that they have strived to produce the best quality product for the customer because they take great pride in their work. Their Team’s strong commitment to Tischler Wood has created an instrumental role in their customers receiving the very best product that Tischler can deliver.

Steve, Tischler’s lead installer shared with me, “Bryan and Carin treat all of us as part of the Tischler Family, but most importantly they recognize each one of us as a necessary member of their team. I have been with Tischler Wood for over 20 years and I am proud to be able to say I work for their highly respected organization” and he went on to say “All of us employees at Tischler, work together to deliver our customers the highest quality product we can.”

In Closing

Over the years, Tischler Wood has attained countless achievements and this past year proved to be an exceptionally productive year for the continued growth and success of Tischler Wood. Bryan and Carin certainly could not have come this far without the steadfast devotion and hard work of each member of their Tischler Family. They acknowledge that their employees have played a vital role in the development and overall achievements that the company has reached. The enthusiasm, dedication and innovative approaches to meet the highest quality standard from each team member is remarkable and Bryan and Carin are immensely grateful for their invaluable contributions.

Nevertheless, Bryan believes Tischler’s success story remains incomplete without mentioning their loyal client’s, both their builder and design partners who have entrusted Tischler Wood to provide the very best in finished cabinetry and woodworking projects for their home and businesses. Bryan has stated, “Their expectations, challenges and feedback have driven Tischler to push themselves to do better each and every day.”

It is a significant milestone for any company’s history and one worth celebrating and sharing because the success of Tischler Wood has always been due to their clients, their partners and employees who all instilled a positive resolve for the growth of the company and the good of their customers.

“As we have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tischler Wood, I want to thank all of you for being part of our company’s success over the years, I feel proud when looking back at the journey of these significant and remarkable years and look forward to challenging our future with more expansion, furthering the development of leading-edge solutions for our industry and maintaining a passion for the business”  – Bryan Becker, President

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