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Big on Christmas at Modern Barnyard

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Modern Barnyard is a store of love. ‘Repurposed, Restored, Reimagined’ is not just a tagline to its founders and customers but a lifestyle that brings together the vintage of the past with the comforts of now. Actually, Modern Barnyard is a hub of just about anything you could want in a store with a perfect blend of local crafts and national brands as well as gifts and necessities. It’s an offering of goods that founder Jim Beck is proud to say that customers can “get everything for a room in one location.”

Step inside the 7,000 sq. foot shop and you will find ideas, as well as fresh coffee, percolating about. Though the selection of such unique, authentic, and rare products could overwhelm you, Modern Barnyard has an impeccable level of customer service which you can trust. For instance, bring in a picture of what sort of area you are designing and the staff will be happy to discuss all the fabulous options you have to repurpose, restore, or reimagine it. With free samples, sights, and smells abounding throughout the store, it’s a place that is as fun to shop as it is hidden right off County Road 75, just west of Fleet Farm on the north side of the road.

Actually, though it’s just outside of town, customers from across the Midwest are known to make a habit of going out of their way to visit. Thankfully, unlike most other stores of its kind (if there is anything comparable to Modern Barnyard), it’s open 7 days a week so that everyone can enjoy its constantly revolving selection of one-of-a-kind and seasonal items.

Speaking of which, the Holiday Season, the most wonderful time of year, is upon us. Christmas is a special holiday that requires special preparations, as Jim, the founder of Modern Barnyard, will tell you. He and his partner, John Malikowski, have been shopping since last January to “make everything Christmas from one end of the store to the other,” the jolliest and homiest of ways. With almost 7,000 sq. feet of Christmas means there is no way I can describe for you just how vast the selection is. Fortunately, Modern Barnyard has organized itself into general sections such as Christian, Vintage, Gnomes, Up-North Woodsy, and Farmhouse (with rooster, pig, and cow ornaments which, I am told, are surprisingly popular). They also have more bells than you could or should shake a bell at.

Jim Beck states, John and I “Absolutely Adore Christmas” and it shows. They spent 10 days this year scouring different cities searching for new sights and products to bring home, polish off, and present to you. For instance, on Facebook right now, you can find 62 photos of different Christmas sign displays which make up not even two-thirds of their offerings. Also remarkable are the ‘wickless candles’ which continually give off fragrances without burning for 15 whole weeks. Scents come in winterberry, fresh-cut Christmas tree, and Reindeer Fart! Ha, talk about a stocking stuffer.

Though Jim and John knew they had potential when they started their business, the popularity of Modern Barnyard impresses even them. The idea for the store started in Hawaii (of all places) while Jim and John were watching auction HGTV shows. They thought, “we could flip this and repurpose, we could mix the antiques with the vintage and mix in our home décor design skills.” Now, Modern Barnyard carries 12 vendors that specialize in “vintage, repurposing, and cool finds” and they’re looking for local artisans to introduce and participate in special promotional events and specific monthly sales and marketing efforts.

What is so cool about the owners of Modern Barnyard is how eager they are to share their expertise and success with the community. Jim is a “Real Men Wear Pink” member who has more than surpassed his $2,500 goal. He says, “I really believe in giving back and being involved in the community.” Come January, you will be hearing more about how Modern Barnyard will be sponsoring an artist-driven fundraiser for the Animal Humane Society. He is an active member of the St. Cloud Area Chamber and participates in leadership training to assist other businesses with marketing ideas and thought processes.

For now, it suffices to say that Modern Barnyard is a very welcome member of the St. Cloud community. Indeed, many local artists have found huge success by selling their one-of-kind items, like a motorcycle made entirely out of farm parts, at Modern Barnyard. It seems that the only challenge to the store is just how quickly it’s most authentic and rare items sell out.

Nevertheless, the store’s logo isn’t a rooster without reason. As the customers often lined up outside its doors attests to, it is the Rooster that Crows upon seeing the light and our loyal customers have seen the light. That is Modern Barnyard for you though, it’s a store that was built by and for those who start early and plan a head. Jim wanted us to share, “all patrons are welcome and they look forward to answering your questions or providing ideas to best decorate a room or more” and “he promises if you stop by you will be glad you did and not leave empty handed”. Visit our Facebook page for up-to-date product photos, special events and offerings.

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