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Why Won’t My Computer Update?

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Why Won’t My Computer Update?

By Katie and Mark Hultquist, Co-Owners of Computer Dynamics

“I know I am supposed to keep my computer up to date to protect it from viruses and hackers…but my computer just won’t update!”

We hear this phrase from customers all the time. Computers do need to have updates in order to stay secure. But at times your computer will not update – and it is for a variety of reasons.

Operating System Corruption

One of the reasons that your computer may not accept new updates is because your operating system is corrupted. What this means is that through time, the building blocks of your operating system have degraded and they can no longer accept new updates. Many other issues can be occurring at the same time when your operating system is corrupted – so if you notice programs not functioning correctly, the computer freezing up, or other odd behaviors – they could all be indicative of an operating system corruption. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, the best thing to do is to bring your computer in to Computer Dynamics for service so it can be repaired right away.

Out of Date Computers

Another reason that your computer may not update to the newest operating system, or take updates – is because your computer may be out of date. We see this happening a lot with Apple computers. Apple will allow your computer to upgrade to the newest version of the operating system – like OS Katrina – only if your computer was made within a certain number of years. If it is too old – you will receive the message that your computer cannot install this version of the OS. When this occurs – there is no way to upgrade your current computer and the best thing to do is to upgrade to a newer computer so that you will remain safe and secure on the internet.

When I Updated…My Program Stopped Working

Sometimes when you do update your computer to the latest and greatest, you find one of your needed programs was uninstalled. Why does this happen? Each program design allows for functionality with certain operating systems. When you update a new version of the operating system – the old program you had installed may not work anymore because it was designed specifically for an older operating system. When this occurs it is time to purchase a new version of the software and install it on your upgraded computer.

I Have an iPad/iPhone that Doesn’t Seem to Work Right Anymore

One final subject I would like to touch on is iPads. Many people, when purchasing an iPad, figure it is a one-time purchase and can be used indefinitely. This is not necessarily true. Apple has designed iPads/iPhones, just like computers, to have a certain life span for updates. If you check on your iPad/iPhone and see that the current update version is 12 or below and it tells you that your iPad is not up to date – that means your iPad/iPhone is no longer accepting new updates. The current version of the IOS is version 13. When you are no longer on the newest version, your iPad/iPhone is no longer secure and could easily be hacked. This means that you should not be emailing, doing online banking, or purchasing anything from these devices. It is no longer a secure device. The best thing to do when you have an outdated iPad/iPhone is to upgrade to a new one. That will ensure that you will be much safer as you use it for your everyday functions.


As you are working with your computers and mobile devices this week, and you have questions about weather or not they are keeping up to date…please call Mark and Katie at Computer Dynamics of Saint Cloud at 320-654-9703. We are more than happy to assist you with your computer update questions and get you moving in the secure direction!

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