What are the best items to bring to eat at a Hunting Camp?

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What are the best items to bring to eat at a Hunting Camp?

by Donald Manea, Owner of Manea’s Meats

If you have ever been hunting with a group of hunters or at a Hunter’s Camp, you will know that there are some expected staples of food served on every trip. From breakfast and lunch to the in-betweens like a brunch or a snack and of course the after dark dinner… many favorites come to mind.

A breakfast seemingly will always include eggs and butcher bacon, maybe venison (or breakfast) sausage and black coffee. No dinner is as good as something brewing for hours in a crock pot heating slowly for maximum flavor and melt in your mouth texture. Plus, it will cook while you are away doing exactly what you came to do to begin with… Hunting!!
So… Which meal is the best of the best? What are your favorites?

#1.) Butcher Bacon with Eggs
We carry a variety of sliced Bacon flavors, and if breakfast sausage is your liking, we have that too at Manea’s!

#2.) Jerky and Meat Sticks
Manea’s offers 6 flavors of Jerky and 12 flavors of Meat Sticks.

#3.) Beef Stew Meat
Yummy and Hearty.

#4.) Smoked Pulled Pork Mix – Plain, BBQ, & Carnitas
You can serve this on a bun or better yet with the Carnitas you can serve it on a Soft-Shell Taco with all the fixings.

#5.) Pulled Smoked Chicken
Again, to be served on a bun or on a Soft-Shell Taco with your favorite fixings.

#6.) Heat n’ Serve Roast Beef Au Jus –
It’s filled with our Manea’s smoked tri tip steak cut and homemade au jus sauce.

#7.) Beef and Venison Mix Kabobs –
Grab your favorite preferred Steak cut & mix in your freshly harvested back strap venison cuts to enjoy over an open flame with your favorite seasonings from Manea’s! So delicious…

#8.) Brats & Sauerkraut
The Kraut may be out but go with your favorite condiment choices!

As with all hunting camps/group hunts over time we will experience the dreaded skunking. Thus, the group of hunters are left sitting around the table, maybe a fire, with bruised egos, telling wildly exaggerated stories (of the distance away, limited sight, or just maybe, the animal came from behind me and disappeared within a second), and growling bellies. What I have learnt from all of this is tied to my past experiences and it does pay to prepare for the day when no one brings home the meat and just brings something from Manea’s Meats Butcher Shop. Your Greater St. Cloud Area’s Hunter Headquarters!

Also, if you are a do-it-yourself venison jerky, meat stick, or sausage processer we have all of the necessary spices, sauces, high temp cheeses, casings, and ground pork to mix in batches of 25lb or more. Please provide us with a 24-hour notice and we will get you the supplies you need to make your venison brats, sausages, and meat sticks. Can’t wait to hear your hunting story!

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