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Breathe Better Air at Home

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Breathe Better Air at Home

by Tim Osmondson, Publisher of SCA Living Magazine

As the warm season fades people will inherently start to spend more time indoors. That is why, it is more important than ever that the air quality of one’s home be safe to breathe and provide a comfortable living space. Plus, operating a mechanically sound heating solution for the colder, drier than normal winter season is the only way to go. If not, it will costs you more money to operate and the air you will breathe will feel stale and could develop adverse health consequences for your family and you as well.

Simple Tips For Better, Quality Air to Breathe

Happy & Satisfied (H&S) Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share with you a few simple tips to follow to insure your family will have fresher, healthier air to breathe and a system that operates more cost-effectively this winter.

                Regardless of what kind of air system you have, you can take steps to improve it and maximize your air quality. The best recommendations from the H&S experts are to change the filters, clean air ducts, and clean both your furnace & air conditioning units. Changing your filter often is probably the easiest and quickest way to make a difference in your home’s air. By talking with your H&S technician, you can find out how often filters should be changed and whether you want professional help to do it for you.

                Though a bit more intensive, cleaning out furnace ducts is well worth the investment. A good duct cleaning can get rid of dust balls, remove allergens, and clear out all other junk in your air system that could negatively effect your health and flow of your home’s air. At H&S, the technicians use the special Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning System to manage intake, return, and even flex ducts swiftly and smoothly.  There is a convenient video for you to access to visually see how H&S will thoroughly clean out your air ducts.

                Happy & Satisfied (H&S) Heating and Air Conditioning offer Central Minnesota, greater St. Cloud area residents the greatest improvements to a home’s air quality too. It’s important to go directly to the source within the furnace and air conditioning units themselves. Because these units move so much air, gunk and debris regularly get stuck in these units, thus lowering the quality of the air with all kinds of contaminant particles. If you are not careful, such a problem could impact the lifespan of the unit and seriously cut into the quality of your life, as well. Fortunately, an experienced H&S technician can handle the issue professionally and get your furnace and air conditioning unit back on track.

Best Components to Install for Better Quality of Air In Your Home

                 H&S believes homeowner’s with Heating and Air Conditioning units around a decade or so in age could greatly benefit installing a new furnace and cooling system because of the major advancements in the level of efficiency and smart home options that are now available in our RUUD line. However, if you decide against that, H&S can still improve the quality of the air you breathe by installing an air exchanger, humidifier, and UV Light Germicidal Lamp if not installed already in your current system.

A humidifier is a good idea in a home for several reasons. In addition to bringing smoother, softer, and gentler air, the humidity in the air improves a home’s heating efficiency throughout the winter. One of the nice things about an air humidifier (Honeywell Trueease (better) & Steamer (more basic)) installed is that they require very little maintenance and sits comfortably, occupying very little space on the outbound air duct over the air handler.

                By installing an air exchanger, this device will create life-giving circulation into a home. They essentially distribute fresh air throughout a given area while expelling polluted and stale air out of your home. Furthermore, an air exchanger will help control humidity while managing heat loss and/or gain at the sametime. They are exceptionally useful for spaces where the air is frequently contaminated by particulates from various activities, like construction, cleaning, smoking, or cooking. There are two types of exchangers, efficiency- and heat-exchangers. In our northern region, heat exchangers are most entirely utilized to control winter condensation problems and other air quality issues. It can save you dollars on energy bills each month by circulating air in your home by moving good air in and stale air out.

                Finally, the BreatheClean UV Germicidal Lamp does exactly what it sounds like, kills germs. While other forms of air upkeep may handle debris and dust, germs will remain there after a duct cleaning. Hence, introducing a little UV Light action as a finishing touch into that area can make for an almost 100% clean environment. Conversely, you can use a UV light to help fight more serious issues in the home, mold can be one of them. Therefore, a space, like a crawlspace, or an aging, damp basement will experience significant benefit by the use of a UV Germicidal Lamp.

Happy & Satisfied (H&S) Heating and Air Conditioning has been voted St. Cloud’s Best Heating and Air business the past 3 years running and they are exceptionally proud and humbled to receive such an honor from their loyal clientele and voting public. And nationally, RUUD has recognized H & S within the top 15 dealers of all of their HVAC dealers across United States and have rewarded them as a RUUD Pro Dealer for the past 7 years. This is a tremendous distinction that RUUD has bestowed for H & S Heating & Air Conditioning which illustrates H & S’s commitment to customer satisfaction and an uncompromising effort and detail to finish the job right and as promised. If you have any questions or concerns to share to them about the simple tips or the items we discussed to improve your homes air quality, please contact H & S at 320-654-1522 or visit them at their shop location, 3995 County Road 74, St. Cloud, MN 56301.

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