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By Pam Schlagheck, Co-Owner of Traditional Floors & More

From Colors, tile, styles, cabinets, floors & more… we’re here to help you with all your choices!

My advice to color is keep it neutral! Browns, tans, beiges, taupes, grays, blacks and whites. They are all neutral colors. The pop of color should be in small things in the room. From something as simple as flowers to accent vases, towels, pillows and etc. All the permanent things like carpet, woods, walls, tiles are best that they remain neutral colors as you tend to not get sick of them as fast.

Paint colors are best to be neutral on the wall. You can use a pop of color on one wall or in wallpaper, Like a head-board wall in the bedroom. If not color, use wallpaper, as a great way to show your personality! That can be neutral colors too! Or if you’re a little more fun, throw a pop of color in it. In my large WIC I have a soft pink ceiling and neutral wallpaper with a soft pink in it. I love it!

Also repurpose a dresser! I have a dresser I got from my mother. I wanted it to match a little bit better, so I utilized chalk paint to go with all of my other white trim and the wallpaper. It was fun to do and now I have a beautiful piece of furniture that means so much because it was my mom’s!

Neutral and patterns work well on the floors. Carpets are a great way to pull in the patterns. Having the floors neutral makes it really easy to pull patterns with bedspreads!

Cambria tops work well with all the neutral palettes. Using tile in neutral patterns are a great compliment to each other! Putting a beautiful quartz sink with the project looks great too! A Delta faucet with touch on and off is super to use every day.

Back to cabinet colors for kitchen. We see a lot of blending woods. What I mean by that is they want most of the kitchen in wood and then they use painted cabinets on the island. Use 2 paint colors. We love to help customers or clients figure out their colors and it continues throughout the home. Colors are the most important part of blending the home together. From tiles to carpet, wood to paint. We can help with all your needs. That is what we do best. Customers service is very important to us. Stop in at Traditional Floors & Design Center we are located directly across from MTH, Minnesota Truck Headquarters!

Another part of the design work is furnishing your home with accessories. We have a lot of wall art to pick from. If we do not have what you’re looking for most likely we can get the art in stock, within a couple weeks or so. We also have many vases, and miscellaneous items you can add to your space. It is a great way to add some color or neutral tones. You can theme your rooms with different items also. Like a farmhouse or nautical theme. It is a good way to add your personality. We have picture frames of all shapes and sizes. Plus, Clocks, mirrors, a few end tables and many other décor items. Abstract, florals, still life, cities and streets, coastal & tropical, vintage, game room and even canvas! We have a wide range of mirrors we can order in.

Stop by our store and take your time to find what you are looking for. You will not be disappointed!

Our store motto is:

“Inspired by Design, Exceptional by Choice!”

We want you to live in your Dream Home. Set up an appointment with Christy, Abby and Anna. Or, set up an on-site Design Visit with Pam owner of Traditional Floors & Design Center

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