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Aging Computer & Laptops – End of Life

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Keep You and Your Identity Safe

By Katherine Hultquist, Co-Owner of Computer Dynamics

When you make an investment in a computer tower or laptop it is an important one. The computer you purchase will be with you for years to come and therefore the investment is worth the price you pay. However, one thing you may not realize is the how long the computer you purchased will be supported and is safe to continue using on the internet.  

Yes, electronic devices have an expiration date on their support. What does that mean for you? It means that the item you purchased does not stay up to date indefinitely and will eventually need to be replaced with a newer model. This article will address both PCs and Macs and their expiration dates, and also what that means for you. 

PC Computers & Laptops 

If I use a Microsoft Windows PC or Laptop, does my computer have an end of support expiration date?  

Computers that run a Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 do have an expiration date when Microsoft will eventually stop providing software support.  

How does Microsoft Protect Us from Threats and Vulnerabilities? 

Microsoft provides all supported operating systems with something called Windows Updates. These updates help protect your computer from vulnerabilities present in your Windows operating system. When an operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, it no longer receives these vital updates, making it vulnerable to known threats.  

What does this End of Support Expiration Date Mean for You at Your Home or Business?  

This means that when the support runs out from Microsoft for your version of Windows, your computer will be left vulnerable to threats that it would otherwise be protected from, like hackers. So, continuing to use an unsupported software version on the internet, (such as Windows XP that stopped being supported in 2014) is very dangerous to you, the information stored on your computer, as well as the accounts you log into online.  

When these expiration dates occur, it is vital that you either upgrade your current computer to a supported version of the Windows operating system or purchase a new computer that has a supported version of the operating system. At Computer Dynamics, we specialize in these types of transitions and can assist you in a smooth transition to either an upgrade of your current computer or easing you into a new computer that will have a supported operating system.  

What are the Expiration Dates for the Windows Operating Systems? 

Windows Version  End of Support Expiration Date 
Windows XP   April 8, 2014 
Windows Vista  April 11, 2017 
Windows 7  January 14, 2020 
Windows 8.1  January 10, 2023 
Windows 10  October 14, 2025 


I use an Apple Computer, do those Operating Systems Stop Being Supported too? 

Yes, Apple computers have an end of support expiration date for their operating systems just like Microsoft does. And the same things are true of Apple computers as of Windows based computers, when the updates stop, they become more vulnerable to threats, such as hackers. 

How do I know if my Apple Computer Operating System is Out of Date and no Longer Being supported? 

Apple does not publish an end of life schedule, as Microsoft does. Apple supports the three most recent versions of its’ operating systems – which at this point include High Sierra, Sierra, and El Capitan. To check which version you currently have, you need to click on the Apple icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen and then click on ‘About this Mac’ and it will tell you what version you are currently on. 

What Can I do to upgrade my Mac Operating System? 

Computer Dynamics services Apple computers and can upgrade your Mac for a very reasonable price. Simply bring your mac into our shop, easily located on Division Street in Saint Cloud right behind Red Lobster and let us know you need an upgrade and we will be happy to assist you! 

Is it Really that Important to use a Supported Operating System? 

As this article has shown, using a supported operating system is vital to the health of your computer and the security of your information. When an operating system is no longer supported, you are at risk for hackers, more infections, as well as information breaches. If you use your computer to access email, bank accounts, credit cards, investments, online shopping, or even Facebook – it is necessary to have a supported operating system to keep your online experience safe from internet predators.  

If you are using an unsupported operating system or are uncertain as to what version you are on, contact Computer Dynamics at 320-654-9703; Mark and Katie will be happy to get you moved to a supported operating system so you and your information will be more secure!

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