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Visit Traditional Floors & Design Center “Where Dream Baths Become A Reality”

By Pam Schlagheck, Co-Owner of Traditional Floors & Design Center

Where is the first place you go when you wake up? Yes… most likely, your bathroom!

Well, today, I believe it’s a fantastic time for you to contemplate building a new bathroom.   A bathroom can be either, basic, ultra-extravagant or somewhere in between. Sure, being practical sometimes makes sense, but, with today’s exceptional bathroom accessories we can create a wonderful, relaxing area for you to escape to and indulge yourself from a busy day. At Traditional Floors & Design Center, we’re seeing many new design trends, color usage possibilities and a wide variety of different custom layouts to fit you perfectly. Some folks, like their bathroom to be very tranquil and peaceful. Where others, like to use the new patterned tiles for a fun, exciting look that distracts you from viewing the mess from the kids. Using patterned tiles can hide a lot and provide you a great, memorable look.

We just finished up a new display in our showroom floor at Traditional Floors & Design Center. It shows a beautiful pattered floor that compliments any color and style. The basic black & white look is very popular right now. We also see a lot of the gray and white tone used tiles too! The great part about using these color pallets that any color goes with it. You can use the naturals, organic looks with an accent of natural woods like bamboo, cork or acacia walnut colors. It brings a warmth to the space which also brings a calming or tranquil look to it as well. Remember, it is all about what you want it to feel like. Maybe, soothing & relaxing or the opposite, colorful and spirited!

From the floors, we can move to the walls for the shower stall. They can have a pattern but still give you a soothing feel. The monochromatic colors of white and with varying options of different textures and sizes. Flat to wavy, to different shapes. But, still being all in the same color. The color of the grout can dramatically change the look of the tiles or to have it stick out, then use a dark or contrasting color! If you want it to all be the same color and keep it calming use the same color as the tile.

Now, onto tubs available, we proudly sell Bain Ultra tubs. They are air jetted or are also available in a soaker style. It delivers a hydro thermo massage. If offers powerful jets located around the bottom of the tub. It delivers a therapeutic acupressure-base massage. These impactful tubs trigger a chain of beneficial reactions from ear to toe. They reduce tension buildup, relaxes muscles and combats ongoing stress. Also, eliminating unhealthy toxins from building up in our body’s. It is a much cleaner way to go.

These Bain Ultra tubs are also used in hospitals and large companies because of sanitary reasons. The tubs with air installed have a 90 second drying cycle that will blow the lines dry. It removes all water from the lines to stay bacteria free. They also provide chroma therapy which is a color light therapy. This light therapy positively affects your physical, mental and emotional state. They use this therapy to achieve balance and harmony, as color through its vibration? can help you stay calm, feel energized and maintain your focus mentally. The six colors are; blue, violet, red, orange, yellow and green.

Aromatherapy is also another benefit of these magnificent tubs. It’s youthful living with these essential oils that can be used with the Bain Ultra tubs. They will help reduce unwanted stress and high anxiety levels. These essential oils can and will boost your immune system. There are several other options available too. Stop by the store today and learn about all the features these tubs offer. We have several on display from undermount options, to drop in and also, several freestanding tubs to see on hand.

Additionally, we also carry sinks and faucet options that are all a necessity to completing a new beautiful bathroom. We sell Delta faucets which come in a variety of options from the touch faucets on the vanity to the awesome shower heads & hand helds to pick from. We carry a wide variety of colors. From Black, stainless, chrome and oil rubbed bronze. Please stop by, we have several on display to touch and feel to see what will fit you best.

In our home we have the guest bath set at a warm temp for the sink faucet. So, the grand kids can wash their hands and it is already at a perfect temp. They will tell me if it is to hot or too cold. I can set the temp on and all they have to do is touch the faucet and it will turn on for them. There is a spot on the faucet that will change from blue to red if the faucet is too hot. Plus, it can be perfect every time it is used by them! Delta faucets offer exceptional quality. We enjoy selling Delta faucets at our store.

Please stop by today and check out our new display that we just opened! We do new displays every year. Sometimes there are several we do each year.

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