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Get Better Sleep with Synergy Sleep Health

by Jeff Pollari, Local Writer for SCA Living Magazine

What’s a good night’s sleep for you? Chances are, if you don’t know, you may want to talk with Jennifer Blum about receiving a consultation from her. She is St. Cloud’s resident respiratory therapist and sleep medicine specialist, and owner of Synergy Sleep Health. She is a certifiable ‘Sleep Coach’ whose got the experience, tools, and supplies necessary to help everyone to get the necessary sleep they deserve.

Jennifer’s strategy for sleep success is evident in her clinic’s in-home sleep testing service. While it may seem obvious that sleeping in a laboratory with medical equipment all around you may throw off your natural rhythms, that’s the way most sleep professionals conduct sleep studies. Fortunately, Blum is changing the game with in-home sleep screening which provides all of the important information you need to get a good night’s sleep without actually losing a night’s sleep in the process.

 With just a few simple wearable devices, Blum can detect the client’s heart rates, breathing pattern, oxygen levels, blood pressure, body position, how much time they spend snoring, nasal pressure, and more. After the study, Jennifer will spend about two hours going through the sleep data before forwarding it onto a doctor specializing on sleep for final analysis. The result is a comprehensive ‘sleep report’ that Jennifer walks clients through to find out what their needs are and what options are available for them. Thus, Synergy Sleep offers the best of modern sleep medicine combined with Jennifer’s passion for sleep and coaching experience.

Actually, Jennifer’s coaching experience goes well beyond sleep. While she has spent 17 years in sleep medicine, for more than a decade she has been a girl’s softball coach for Rocori. Her intention for those girls is the same as for her spleep clients. “I want to empower them to be their best,” she says.

Likewise, Jennifer’s at her best when she’s outside. “Winter or Summer, I don’t care… If we can do it outside, I love it.” No doubt someone is getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis! Seriously though, without a good night’s sleep, you will notice your life’s quality start to diminish. Depression, for example, is a common side effect of not getting enough quality sleep. Blum refers to this as “chicken and the egg,” scenario since it is so hard to tell what started first, the weariness of depression or the lack of good sleep. As Jennifer observes, “if we are tired and not at our best, feeling like a zombie, we don’t have the energy to do the things we want to do, like play with our kids, maybe our grandkids.”

Jennifer states, “everything I do is circled around my family or building Synergy Sleep Health.” She has four children, and James Herberg is a coach himself. Maybe you have heard of him. As head coach, Herberg led Rocori High School to win the AAAA Football championship this past month. No doubt his enthusiasm for sports and coaching was inspired by his mom’s own enthusiastic example.

As a professional writer, Jennifer’s daughter Nicole Ahles has actually taken an active part in the business by helping to write Synergy Sleep Health’s website content and articles discussing the importance of her work. She observes, in one article for example, how “It’s estimated that people will spend a third of their lives sleeping. If you were to live to 75 years, that would mean you will have spent roughly 25 years sleeping.” Hence, if you’re not making the most out of your life’s rest, don’t expect a lot from the rest of your life.”

Helping people get the sleep that is right for them is the focus of Jennifer’s work. Sleep warning signs may be more common than you think. If you wake up in the morning feeling fatigued or with a headache, come home from work “dragging through the day,” or wake your partner up in bed with your snore sounds, chances are you’re seriously losing out on sound deep and/or REM sleep.

Fixing your sleep up is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. Synergy Sleep Health flexibility to work with many of the insurance providers to cover the necessary testing and sleep equipment devices. In the rare event that you are not covered by a provider, you can also use your HSA or FSA dollars. After just 10-15 minutes with Jennifer, you’ll be up to speed on how to take your in-home sleep test after visiting with your family physician.

With your data and her expertise, you can determine together whether or not you have sleep apnea and need a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device. This is where Jennifer’s coaching experience really shines. Whether you are buying, fitting, or cleaning your CPAP, she can help you find the set-up that’s best for you. A 30-day mask return guarantee, for example, is just one of the pro-tips Jennifer uses to make sure that everyone goes home and to bed happy.

Even if you don’t have a sleep study done with Synergy Sleep Health, you can still count on their expertise when it comes to your sleep equipment. Jennifer states that Synergy will “still get them their necessary supplies and coach them along the path to better quality of sleep.” Customers report Jennifer Blum is very professional while performing as a sleep coach. Dustin K., for example, states that “My experience with Jennifer and Synergy Sleep has been incredibly enjoyable. My expectations continue to be exceeded and really appreciate the expertise Jennifer brings to any visit.”

The benefits of meeting with her sounds almost too good to be true. Studies indicate that they help to improve mental health, creativity, athleticism, focus, and lifestyle health while reducing the risk of serious health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and insomnia.

Women especially want to consider a visit to Synergy since their sleep deprivation symptoms often contrast with the sleep symptoms derived from entirely male populations. For instance, increased depression, mood imbalances, and weight gain are not uncommon side-effects of chronic poor sleep in women, particularly during menopause.  

Regardless of what is ailing you, a simple consultation with Jennifer Blum at Synergy Sleep Clinic will be all you need to cross sleep off your list of possible suspects. On the plus side, you’ll also get to meet with the sleep coach who can help you sleep like a champ.

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