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We Need Your Help to Make a Difference for Pets & Tri-County Humane Society

By Jeff Pollari, Local Writer for SCA Living Magazine

When people think of a ‘Barnyard’ they are reminded of all the animals there including the indomitable rooster, capricious goat, and gentle cow. Now, when you hear ‘Modern Barnyard’ you should think of all the fantastic cats and loveable dogs they are helping with their up-and-coming pet bed drive for the Tri-County Humane Society!


If you remember from our previous issues, the Tri-County Humane Society is Central Minnesota’s number one, non-profit pet rescue and service center for man’s best friends. Though the name seems to suggest it’s a state operation, it’s entirely founded and funded by individuals in the community. Case and point: Jim and John, Modern Barnyard’s founders, are sponsoring a super creative charity drive for the charitable organization by encouraging members of the community to get creative and re-purpose a furniture piece or item as their homemade pet beds for Tricounty’s 2020 Wine, Kibbles, and Bids auction on April 17th.

While that seems like far away, as one of Tri-County’s most important fundraisers, preparations need to be made well in advance so that there is more to offer the event than just great music and company. Hence, Jim and John are beginning their drive for flipstyle / upcycled pet beds from the end of this December until the end of January.

As a literal example of a flipstyled pet bed, John and Jim turned over a table, added a headboard and some padding, and made its standing legs into a novelty canopy (check out the picture!). Modern Barnyard is expecting at least 20 and hopefully more than 30 pet beds with spectacular prizes for the most outstanding submissions in show.

To tell the best, a picture of each of the pet beds will be posted on Modern Barnyard’s social media. Then, whoever’s creation receives the most votes will win the popular vote along with a $100 Modern Barnyard gift card! The ‘Most Creative’ will likewise receive another $100 Modern Barnyard gift card. Though the category for the third $100 gift card has yet to be decided, Jim is leaning towards a ‘Biggest Transformation’ class which features the greatest before and after change. Additionally, you may find the one that best uses the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint featured at Modern Barnyard earning its own prize as well.

Essentially, this is just a fantastic “way for people to be actively involved with the community, work with kids, and give back” says Jim because you can “transform anything you want into a bed.” Every bed donated will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the Wine, Kibbles, and Bids event in April, meaning that participants will not only make new homes for pets but also help to raise money to save their lives as well.

Those who win the promised gift cards are going to be quite lucky as well. From January onward, Modern Barnyard begins to emphasize a new selection of big furniture to help customers begin their house transformation for the year ahead. Hence, this is a great opportunity to get active and ‘spring’ the New Year inside while winter continues to persist outside.  

Modern Barnyard plans for several exciting features in the store which customers can look forward to. For instance, there will be a selection of excellent camping décor which will turn any camper into a ‘glam-per’. Likewise, you can begin to enjoy the sweet and simple side of life in the store’s Lemonade Stand section. Furthermore, store specials, like Lady’s Night, are on the horizon as well. Modern Barnyard instruction classes will begin again in the New Year that are all very limited to best serve the participating patrons. Go to Modern Barnyard’s facebook page to learn more about their upcoming events and activities because it is changing regularly.

Of course, you won’t need to be a gift card winner to appreciate all that’s going to come in 2020. Even so, if you feel so inclined to help our furry friends, why not get the family involved with making a pet bed? It’s a creative, kind, and unique way to give back to in the community, just like Modern Barnyard.

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