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New Age Necessities for Surviving Winters

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by Sound Connection Sales Staff

Staring out my window at a winter wonderland, I am reminded of how beautiful Minnesota is this time of year. The trees in my yard are decorated with twinkly Christmas lights, the yard is completely covered with puppy prints from the previous day’s activities of tug of war, playing catch and rolling around in the snow. The sky is that brilliant blue that you only get in the winter, there isn’t a cloud in sight, not even the slightest breath of wind and the sunshine is sparkling off the snow. If you are a Minnesotan, you can envision exactly what this picturesque setting looks like. And you know exactly what it means… it’s a bitter -22 degrees outside… without windchill. It’s the kind of cold that makes the snow squeak when you walk on it. It’s the kind of cold that turns your car seats into frozen slabs of stone and your steering wheel into a ring of frostbite. Driving your vehicle in the winter can be an agonizing experience but today I’m going to share with you five items that make winter so much easier.

#1. Cell Phone Based Remote Car Starters – First we had one-way car starters, then we had two-way car starters that would give you a confirmation that your car started. Now the latest and greatest is a cell phone application for remote starting your car. DRONE Mobile by Compustar is one of these systems. With DRONE Mobile you can start your car with your phone from anywhere in the world where you have cell reception. You no longer need to worry about being too far away from your car. And if you are feeling a little James Bond like, you can even start your car from your Apple watch.

#2. Heated Seats –It used to be that if you wanted heated seats you had to search out a car with heated seats if you wanted them. But now heated seats can be retro fit into almost every car on the highway. And it doesn’t even need to have leather because heated seat elements can be installed into cloth as well. One of the best parts about aftermarket heated seats is that they are equipped with a low/high/off rocker switch. If you leave the switch on when you exit the vehicle at night, they will come on with your remote car starter in the morning for a double dose of awesomeness.

#3. Heated Washer Fluid System – This one has been around for more than 10 years and even came factory on some vehicles but not a lot of people know about it. An external heating element can be added under the hood of your vehicle that flows in-line with your washer fluid thus giving you heated washer fluid for de-icing your windshield. It also helps in the summer for cleaning bugs off your windshield.

 #4. Heated Wiper Blades – Heated Wiper Blades are the hottest accessory of this winter. The newest generation of heated wiper blades just hit the market and they are great. With this product the complete wiper arm and blade (driver and passenger) are replaced with a unit that features an integrated heating element that automatically turns on dependent on temperature. There are no buttons or switches at all needed to activate it. I know every one of us has been terrified of turning on our wipers during a snowstorm in case we make it worse rather than better. Then you have to stick your hand out the window at 55mph and try to catch your wiper in time to slap it on the windshield to clear the ice. This is the fix for that.

#5. Floormats – Every vehicle in Minnesota should have good floor mats. Weathertech and Husky are two of the more popular brands. Weathertech floor mats are laser measured for a perfect fit every time, so they don’t slide around under your feet and won’t get stuck under your gas or brake pedal. They are made from a high-density vinyl material so they will be the only set you will ever need to purchase for your vehicle. And they work incredibly effective at saving your carpet from that nasty salt build up and breakdown of the carpet fibers.

Now you have five ideas to help make your winter a little easier. Buy one or buy them all for the ultimate winter package. And while you are at it you might want to think about some of these winter necessities for Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

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