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Don’t Let the Glass Shower be an Afterthought!

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by Luke Fehrinkoff, an Owner of East Side Glass


       Being a glass guy, I always notice the glass.  When you are in the glass industry your work is more on display compared to many of the other trades.  Ask any spouse of someone in the glass industry and they tell you they always are hearing things like, “Hey we did the glass in that building” or “don’t those glass entry doors look nice.”  When staying at a hotel one of the first things someone in the glass industry will do is look at the glass shower.  You’ll hear; “Hey honey look at this cool glass shower!”, or “Boy, someone sure did a hack job on this one!”.  The point is glass gets noticed.  Maybe people in the industry notice it more, but overall people notice the glass. 

      When it comes to bathrooms on new construction or in a remodel, the one thing we sometimes see that really bugs us is a beautiful new master bathroom with a fiberglass bay and an ugly shower curtain.  Don’t let a glass shower door or enclosure be an afterthought on your new bathroom!  A glass shower will put a huge “wow” factor into your new bathroom and will really become the focal point of the room. If you are planning your new bathroom, there are several reasons why you should use glass in your shower. A glass shower enclosure, especially one with clear glass, makes the room seem larger. With clear glass you can see into that space that otherwise might be closed off, and that will make the bathroom seem much roomier. 

     A glass shower will also add equity and value to your new bathroom. When or if you ever sell your home, it will be a definite selling point that you can highlight and showcase.  People love the looks of a glass shower enclosure, and that is why it is so much fun for us to sell and install these for our valued customers and that is main reason you should consider a customer shower glass enclosure.  They simply look amazing!  The pictures with this article are examples of actual enclosure we have supplied and installed for customers.   We have several vendors and suppliers we can use for glass shower doors, but they are all custom made to fit your style and your shower.  From a simple door or partition panel, to a full three-sided enclosure; from a traditional bypass/sliding door to a fully sealed steam shower, there are a ton of custom options and layouts for you to consider.

      The best time to start thinking about what type of shower you want is before you start your project.  Stop into our showroom or have your contractor contact us and we can help with ideas to consider and give you tips and input on how to lay things out so that you can have the shower you really want in the end.  Our showroom has several full-sized showers on display and our website and Facebook page have galleries of showers we have done for you to look at and consider during your planning stages.  Take a look, give us a call, or stop in today!  

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