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Spring Fever – Tune Up Your Toys!

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    Rockford Ad Rockford Ad 02/12/20   

by Sound Connection Sales Team

According to our calendar Spring officially begins on March 19th, before the median ice-out date on lakes even occurs. If you are like most people that live in central Minnesota, your body is ready to soak up some of that good Vitamin D that the sunshine provides after being stuck indoors for the past few months. Most people are daydreaming of boating, motorcycling, ATV’ing and getting the chance to drive their summer cars again. With such little time between winter and summer (and how fast the winter comes back) it’s a great time to start thinking about getting your summer toys ready.


Motorcycle rallies are coming up fast. If you are one of the lucky ones that is heading down to Daytona (March 6th), Panama (April 29th) or Myrtle Beach (May 8th), it’s time to get your bike in order. Rockford Fosgate just released its brand-new Road King kit and it’s awesome. Just like the bag lid kits produced for the Street Glide and Road Glide, this kit allows you to install 6×9” motorcycle specific speakers into your existing bag lids. You no longer must buy replacement bag lids and have them painted to match. This is a tried and tested kit with thousands on the road. The new Road King kit includes: 6×9” element ready speaker pair, bag lid conversion kit, element ready amplifier, inside bag amplifier mounting plate, waterproof bag connections, Bluetooth module and all the necessary wiring. If that still isn’t enough, you can add lowers to your crash bar to add another pair of 6.5” speakers to run off the included amplifier. Now is the time to get your bike ready.


Rockford also has a full line of element ready stereo systems for almost all UTV’s on the market. Anything from mild to wild is available. Stage 1 (mild) to Stage 5 (wild) are available. The fit and finish is just like factory. Anything from a simple radio and a pair of speakers all the way up to tower speakers and subwoofers. If you are looking for something quick and easy, then a simple 6 or 10 speaker soundbar with Bluetooth and LED lighting is the way to go.


From fishing to wakeboarding to pontoon boats, there is a stereo out there for everyone. Time on the water is short so make sure to take full advantage of it. Once your boat is already in the water it becomes much tougher to find the time during the busy summer season to get your stereo fixed or replaced. It is recommended to take your boat straight from storage right to your local audio dealer to have those nagging stereo issues fixed or maybe upgrade the entire system. Don’t forget about your batteries as the average lifespan of a marine battery in Minnesota is only 3 years. Don’t risk getting stranded on the lake. Speaking of batteries, it is a prudent investment to have a battery isolator or charging system installed to make sure you never have a dead battery.

Make this summer your best summer. You deserve it.

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