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Convenience, Quality, and Healthy!

Have you seen a Dairy2U vehicle with the logo on the doors driving through your fine neighborhood? Well, you should have at some point over the past couple of months. Brad Hagfors and his driver have been delivering the very best in dairy products from Stoney Creek Dairy, artisan bread options from Backwards Bread, Harry’s Pizzas from El Rosa, artisan ice cream in a small batch from Jupiter Moon, Austin Acres Fire Roasted Coffee choices, and offering both, Farm Fresh Organic & Regular Eggs.

From the beginning, Brad envisioned making deliveries to his customers on a weekly (or bi-weekly basis) providing the very best of the necessary staples available to us from the local farms and small businesses in the Greater St. Cloud area right to your doorstep or office location. It is as convenient as the Old-Fashioned Delivery Service but accomplished in a Modern Way by allowing you to quickly go online to add new products to a new weekly order while fulfilling your reoccurring order as well.

They deliver the Freshest, Healthiest, Natural Ingredient products to your door!

Dairy2U was created by Brad Hagfors with three simple goals in mind.
• First, make it CONVENIENT FOR CUSTOMERS to order online and receive the reoccurring or new order staple of products they want at their doorstep or place of work.

• Second, receive the FRESHEST & BEST QUALITY products that are made available from local farmers and small businesses producing these staples.

• Finally, the third goal is to provide DAIRY2U customers products that offer the HEALTHIEST OPTIONS BENEFICIAL to their customers LIVES.

It is so easy to become a Dairy2U.com customer by just signing up online to receive a visit each week or every other week. They will drop off your order consisting of the best dairy products, finest bread and pastry options, pizza option, favorite small batch ice cream, coffee, a dozen of eggs or more.

DAIRY2U is proud to say they have teamed up with these local partners allowing them to bring the very best to you. These partners listed below are local farmers and small businesses that are exceptional at what they do and bring significant expertise and acquired knowledge in their fields. Dairy2U recognizes them as important members of our central Minnesota community giving back to us the best way, they know how by providing products they can put their name proudly on.

1. Stony Creek Dairy
2. Redhead Creamery
3. Backwards Bread
4. Harry’s Pizza
5. Jupiter Moon Ice Cream
6. Austin Acres Fire-Roasted Coffee
7. Rae Family Farm
8. Mae’s Eggs

Each of these companies love what they do and are passionate about delivering the finest quality hand made products to their local customers and have taken major steps along the way to allow themselves to live their dreams. Here is a little more about each of our Dairy2U.com partners.

Stony Creek Dairy

For years, this fifth-generation Melrose Minnesota dairy farmer John Schoenberg, Grant’s dear father farmed according to his father’s efforts, and that endearing respect of their lineage carried back to his dad and so on and so forth. The Schoenberg Family Dairy Farm covers 475 acres and has proven to be self-sufficient providing much of the feed for the cattle including alfalfa, silage, and a year-round supply of grass-hay since the mid 1800’s through hard work and care.
At the start of the 21st century, Grant Schoenberg (now Owner & Operator of the Stony Creek Dairy) recognized that times were changing significantly for dairy farmers and he had thought and suggested to his father that maybe they should produce and sell their own brand of dairy products wholesale locally around Central Minnesota. In 2002, after further discussion, Grant’s father John asked him to complete the due diligence by breaking down the numbers in a viability study and finish a full business plan, thereafter.

“Our farm was successful, in a sense.” As Grant Schoenberg stated, “My family was working their tails off producing milk and work with the land to provide feed for cattle,” Schoenberg says. Nonetheless, the Schoenberg farm, like others, faced many challenges when the price of milk plummeted in the early 2000s. “It was a tumultuous time for dairy farmers,” he recalls.
Then, in 2004 or so, while transitioning his dairy farm, both John and Grant Schoenberg rubbed shoulders with Pride of Main Street out of Sauk Centre to produce milk for wholesale to local merchants and their dairy products to consumers. This allowed them to remove the middleman, gain a much-needed understanding of the marketplace and their business practices while determining the consumer’s needs and wants.

Once he began taking the possibility of finally bringing the production to the farm, he recognized there was “a pretty big demand for a better, healthier milk that is fresher and produced locally, right here in the Central Minnesota region and deliver locally and beyond.” As witnessed by demand, consumers are driven by the love for the taste, its promise of significant valuable nutrients, important enzymes and probiotics that is touted by experts in and out of the business with the idea of supporting localized, grass-fed, hormone free, anti-biotic free farm. Grant proudly shared, “Our 1% fat Swiss Chocolate milk is adored by our loyal customers. They remark about the rich, frothy chocolate taste that mimics a chocolate shake. It’s a must taste experience and worth every penny!”

In fact, the public had shown a willingness to pay more, and willing to travel miles for it. And when, Grant did the math, he estimated that retail or single herd source, grass-fed milk prices, he could earn nearly three to five times what his family would have received in the commodity market long with creating a safe, superior quality, low temp VAT pasteurization, dairy production facility on his own family’s farmstead. In 2008, that dream became a reality and they began distributing dairy products directly from their farm to retailers all around the Central Minnesota territory.
For the most part, “the Dairy industry is an incredibly controlled, consolidated system. The farmer really holds no chips or influences at the bargaining table,” stated Brad Hagfors.

In the process, this 180-degree shift has provided Stony Creek Dairy the ability to create real economic sustainability. For Grant and his family, the shift to producing dairy products to distribute directly to retailers is allowing him to someday down the road to pass a profitable business to his three children and beyond. “It’s not a walk in the park,” he says, “but, as my children get older, finish their education and decide to stay on the farm or not, his wife and Grant both believe their efforts have created a more diverse opportunity for them to stay working on the family farm if they decide to do so.”

Brad Hagfors of Dairy2U states, “Grant’s family wasn’t alone. While many American farmers have suffered dramatically through the dairy crisis or quit, others are looking for viable options for financial stability. And, these daily struggles for dairy farmers haven’t shown any signs of dying down yet.”

Brad goes on by sharing, “Stony Creek Dairy gives us the opportunity to sell a local farm’s fresh dairy products to the greater St. Cloud area residents their favorite milk preferences (from skim, 1%, 2%, Whole and 1% Swiss Chocolate Milk), to traditional slow-churned butter, and to the richest cream available in the marketplace. These are all products worth receiving at your door!

Dairy Products available to purchase:

o  Whole Milk – Full- and Half-Gallon
o  2% Milk – Full- and Half-Gallon
o  1% Milk – Full- and Half-Gallon
o  Skim Milk – Full- & Half-Gallon
o  1% Swiss Chocolate Milk – Full- & Half-Gallon
o  Old Fashion Slow Churned Butter – 1 lb. Container of Salted Butter
o  Heavy Cream – 1 Quart
o  Whipping Cream – 1 Quart

Redhead Creamery

Redhead Creamery has been making ridiculously good, artisan cheese on their family dairy farm since 2014. But the aspiration for this sustainable and eco-friendly creamery has been a dream of founder (and natural redhead) Alise Sjostrom since she was 17. You can tour the creamery and dairy farm, host your event in their private space, or simply hang out to eat some pan-fried curds and have a pint or a glass of wine in the cheese shop! They can’t wait to hear your thoughts on their cheeses bought through Dairy2U!

They are another farm that decided to make an investment to operate their own Creamery on their Jer-Lindy Family Dairy farm in Brooten. They now operate Redhead Creamery that started in 2014, producing artisan cheeses that have won state, national, and world cheese awards and high accolades. It is becoming a nationally recognized brand that reaches both the East and West Coasts with artisan cheese buyers. Brad states, “Our relationship is just in the initial roll up stages and we look forward to offering their quality cheese products for our customers to order online and provide us the finest artisan cheeses to be delivered to your door. We’re in the preliminary stages of offering a small lineup of Redhead Creamery

Creamery Products available to purchase:
o Lucky Linda Clothbond Cheddar – 1/3 wedge
o Little Lucy Brie – 6oz. wheel
o Cheddar Cheese Curds – 8 oz. bag
o Henry’s Havarti – 8 oz. block

Backwards Bread

Travis Harjes and Liz Meyer of Backwards Bread developed a simple mission statement to make wholesome baked goods it’s highest priority by trading in speed — for quality, time, and nutrition.
Brad Hagfors of DAIRY2U, with conviction stated this about Backwards Bread, “Their team recognizes the need and is fully committed to creating a high-quality bread that doesn’t cut corners in either the bread making process or with the quality of ingredients.” For them, these old-world recipes have had it right since the beginning. Why change it! Backwards Bread means to keep this ancient secret alive by providing for as many people who choose to try it. They believe the significant effort and time spent to nurture this old-world tradition will always pay tenfold back in nutrition and necessary health benefits.
Travis and Liz are committed to helping our greater St. Cloud community & Central Minnesota region as it is in food where they have found their calling. They have worked in the local food community for numerous years and recognized a need for quality, wholesome breads and baked goods. In June of 2016, they followed their hearts and started Backwards Bread after they had established how they could honor the effort to bake nutritious and tasty bread.
In the fall of 2017, Backwards Bread needed to expand their physical production space. It became extremely obvious when they witnessed the surrounding universe intervene and connect them with Collegeville Artisan Bakery. The owners of Collegeville were preparing for retirement and Backwards Bread was looking to expand. It was natural fit so in February 2018, Travis and Liz became the proud owners of Collegeville Artisan Bakery.
Backwards Bread Co. will continue to specialize in organic long-fermented sourdough bread while adding the beloved and diverse menu of Collegeville Artisan Bakery’s breads and pastries. In the fall of 2019, they moved into their new bakery location at 3360 Southway Drive in St. Cloud.
Brad shared his excitement, “With DAIRY2U able to partner with Backwards Bread it is allowing us to market their quality bread and pastry options is a great addition to our stable of health-conscious food options online is a perfect fit.”

Bread & Pastries available to purchase:
o Cheddar Chive Garlic Bread
o Olive Garlic Bread
o Multi-Grain Bread
o Whole Wheat Bread
o Cinnamon Raisin Bread
o Honey Cracked Wheat Bread
o Buckwheat Bread (Gluten Friendly)
o White Sourdough Bread
o Almond Croissants
o Butter Croissants
o Seasonal Bakery Goods for Holidays

Harry’s Pizza

Harry’s Frozen Foods was started in 1989 by Harry & Carol Zenzen. With the help of friends and family initially working with them, the business grew into what it is today. We service a great portion of Minnesota and have expanded into North Dakota and South Dakota. Our business started mainly servicing bars and taverns and has grown into other markets including grocery stores, breweries, gas stations, and working with schools and other organizations for their fundraising needs. Our facility is located in the small central Minnesota town of Elrosa, MN. The business is still run by the family with the 2nd generation also part of the business. Harry and Carol’s son, Mike Zenzen, has been a part of the business for 6 years and their daughter, Kayla Medalen, joined the company in the last year. In the last few years, we have done major restoration to our building and doubled its size.
Brad from DAIRY2U states he is, “Simply delighted to carry and sell these fantastic tasting pizzas to you. The quality of their ingredients stands above the rest of the frozen pub pizzas available.”

Pizza’s available to purchase:
o Pepperoni Pizza
o Sausage Pizza
o Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza
o Big 4 Meat Pizza
o Deluxe Pizza
o Cheese Lover’s Pizza
o Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza
o Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Jupiter Moon Ice Cream

David of Jupiter Moon are setting in motion a grand plan of turning a daydream into reality.
You see, Jupiter Moon was born out of a desire to bring joy to the St. Cloud community. With your taste buds in mind, they’re churning hand-crafted, small batch ice cream out of a gluten-free commercial kitchen in the greater St. Cloud area, in Sauk Rapids.
First, they started with a bike cart in the Summer 2019 and now the opportunity to serve you one of your favorite flavors through Dairy2U in 2020! As always, it is ‘one scoop at a time, one smile at a time’ providing you hand-made, artisan ice cream options. You should see new flavors coming available throughout the year

Artisan Ice Cream in 4 oz. and 1 Pint.

Purchase these ice cream flavors
o Mint Chip
o Salted Caramel w/ truffles
o Vanilla Bean
o Cookies & Cream
o Lemon Poppyseed
o Ginger Snap

Austin Acres Fire Roasted Coffee

Austin Maile of Austin Acres welcomes you to the best coffee you will ever taste.
Brad agrees with one of Austin Acres customers when Tammy says, “Hands down the best coffee I have ever had. It has a great flavor and doesn’t have the bitterness that most coffees have.”
Wood Fire Roasted Coffee (Whole Bean) – 8 oz.
DAIRY2U offers these available flavors:
o Breakfast Blend – Light Roasted
o Peruvian – Medium Roasted
o Peruvian – Dark Roasted

Farm Fresh Eggs from Pease Produce – Regular & Rae Farm – Organic

DAIRY2U offers these Farm Fresh Eggs options in Dozen
o Dozen Organic Eggs
o Dozen Regular Eggs

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