The ThermaCulture of Finnleo Saunas

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by Tim Osmondson & Jeff Pollari, Publisher & Local Writer of SCA Living Magazine

Purification and comfort are two experiences that have never fit better together than in a Finnleo Suana. Whether you’re needing to distress after a long day of work, or just want to celebrate life with your friends and family, saunas are second-to-none for improving your daily life. That’s why Hänk’s Häuser, St. Cloud’s local Finnleo Sauna Dealer since 1981, takes every sauna they sell, designer or sisu, traditional or infrared, so seriously. From the industry’s best products to their award-winning customer service, Hänk’s Häuser has the goods that will make you feel good, inside and out.

Scientifically, it’s a proven fact that saunas, when used properly, can provide individuals worthwhile health benefits. Why, just in 2018, our very own Mayo Clinic published a scholarly article that went into great detail how saunas can help to reduce cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive diseases, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, headache, flu, and even mortality! The authors (Laukkanen, Laukkanen, and Kunustor), describe how improvements to the general immunes system that saunas offer can be traced to the way heat therapy helps to reduce stiffness and constriction in your arteries, alter your fat profile, and systematically, lower blood pressure. Intriguingly, the article is unequivocal that the saunas which are capable of such feats are of Finnish origin, just like Finnleo.

Finnleo Sauna, part of TyloHelo World Group, was actually started in 1919 in Wyborg, Finland, and has become the largest steam bath and sauna maker in the world. Their success is a direct outcome of their love for saunas. I happen to be a quarter+ Finnlander myself and I can tell you that saunas are what we do and what we do best. With every imaginable style of sauna, ready to build and install anywhere, Finnleo is the paragon of the Finnish sauna tradition.
You may be surprised to learn that saunas actually have their origin not up north but in ancient Africa. Even way back when, it’s presumed people understood that nature’s heat could induce sweating for curing diseases and optimizing health.

Modern research backs up what our ancestors knew. Most significantly, saunas are found to help release stress by relaxing the body’s muscles and stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals. As these endorphins are released, they create sauna tranquility that in turn soothes the joints of the body and improves circulation thereby dispelling aches and pains like arthritis or soreness.

Meanwhile, the sweating you do will influence common harmful toxins, like mercury, nickel, copper, zinc, and lead, to naturally leave the body. Maybe such detoxification can help to explain why regular sauna use has been linked with a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s incidence. Since it’s a disease that mostly affects the elderly, perhaps it would be wise for our senior snowbirds to flock as often to a sauna as they do the South.

Well before the science was established, the Finnish have been using and perfecting the sauna experience. Though saunas have been used there since 7,000 B.C. and it still remains an essential part of modern living there.

Reports indicate that there are 3 million saunas for the 5 million people in Finland. That means there is at least one sauna for every Finnish household. Given that Minnesota has so much in common with Finland, from its immigrants to the weather, I am sure that we, more so than most states, can appreciate why ThermaCulture is a cornerstone for the North.

When almost a half of the year is spent around or below freezing, you should have a way to take temperature into your own hands so that you can turn cabin fever into sauna sweats. Afterward, you can step out into the coldest weather in nothing but a pair of shorts and love it! Never mind the fact that you’ll also be burning calories, getting a better night’s sleep, and cleansing your skin as well!

With Finnleo, however, you can make your sauna experience wonderful inside and out. That’s because they have the experience, expertise, and selection necessary to get the perfect sauna set up in your home in the way that you want. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna soul, like me, or just peeking through a steamy crack  in the door, Finnleo’s professionals can get you exactly what you need.

In essence, Finnleo has five different sauna designs, designer, sisu, outdoor, custom cut, and hallmark. The designer saunas are exciting because they come in 10 tantalizing styles. The Seaside sauna, for example, has the feel of being along the lake or ocean with a tapered bench design and optional rock wall. For a more open feel, the Solace sauna has a full-glass front wall (and door!) and so many opportunities for luxurious upgrades. If you want a totally seamless feel, consider the Reflections sauna, which features glass-to-glass corners and recessed LED lighting.

Then there are the Sisu Saunas. Next to ‘sauna’, ‘sisu’ is the most important Finnish word there is, however, no direct translation exists. Sisu is equated to hardiness, perseverance, and steadfastness in Finnish culture. In this sauna line from Finnleo, the Sisu reflects the sturdiness and longevity of the products. Being made with Abachi white wood, which has no splinters or knots and resists stain and odor absorption, the Sisu is a sauna that is made to last.
Finnleo offers unlimited sisu sauna design options ranging from home use to commercial size for clubs and gyms. Plus, there are dozen of customization options for the Sisu sauna as well, such as several varieties of door, windows, heating unit, and benches.

For a more traditional approach, you may consider an Outdoor sauna. Outdoor saunas are fantastic because they fit so perfectly in the backyard and compliment any pre-existing structure and social occasion. For example, say you have a pool in the backyard or are lakeside. After you get out of the sauna, you, and all your friends, can have a blast jumping into the water and rushing back to the sauna for another round, again and again.

Finnleo’s outdoor saunas come in all shapes and sizes making them perfect for the patio or doubling as a pool-house. Henry Gruber, owner of Hänk’s Häuser is highly qualified to help you identify the customization options that make the most sense for you, whether it is Nordic White Spruce on the inside or a cathedral ceiling for your Patio sauna.
The Hallmark sauna is Finnleo’s solution to providing saunas for everyone. Not only are they extremely easy to assemble, but they have a sound system, a Viki wet/dry sauna heater, a color therapy lighting system, and so much more as well.

Besides having the traditional fire-heated sauna, Finnleo has the most revolutionary sauna heating systems on the market. Their proprietary infrared heating systems, for example, have been rated as the most healthy in the whole world. If you’re not familiar with infrared sauna heating, then you are missing out. In an infrared sauna, low spectrum (infrared) waves warm you up inside so that you sweat an amazing amount without ever getting too hot. Its wonderfully strange and satisfying, to have all the benefits of detoxification of a typical sauna without the usual heat, stress, time, or even environmental cost. Finnleo’s infrareds are so well designed that the electric field levels are smaller and safer than a cellphone. If you’ve never liked saunas but want the health benefits, you definitely should give one of Finnleo’s Infrared saunas a try.

With so many options for saunas, you really have no need to be overwhelmed. Hänk’s Häuser is St. Cloud’s Finnleo dealer. You will receive outstanding service, with almost 40 years in the sauna business making Hänk’s Häuser a superior retailer to work with. Furthermore, the business’s founder, Henry Gruber, is a designer who can formulate a plan for your custom sauna to fit your home or business with a skill that only comes from decades of success.
In sum, with all of Finnleo’s incredible products, it’s too easy to imagine yourself settling in and relaxing in a Finnleo sauna. Make an appointment by calling Henry to make a Finnleo sauna, into one of your own.

“ We have been enjoying almost 40 years of selling Finnleo Saunas and I want to thank all of our customers who we have served along our journey for being part of our company’s success over the years. I feel extremely proud and satisfied looking back through the years, nonetheless, the future excites me more with the development of new leading-edge sauna custom enclosures, heating solutions, appliances and accessories to further our industry, the sauna experience and inclusion of smart technologies is breathtaking.”
– Henry Gruber, Owner of Hänk’s Häuser

Laukkanen, Jari A., Tanjaniina Laukkanen, and Setor K. Kunutsor. “Cardiovascular and other health benefits of sauna bathing: a review of the evidence.” Mayo clinic proceedings. Vol. 93. No. 8. Elsevier, 2018.

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