Tri-County Humane Society


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Just because they are the ‘Tri-County’ Humane Society does not mean that our local pet rescue/shelter/vet is in any way supported by the state. Rather, they count on the passion of animal lovers to spread the word and their pocketbooks for taking care of the furry friends close to home. With the development of a 3.5 million dollar shelter upgrade on the way, your support counts more than ever. Now, two of the Tri-County Humane Society’s most notable fundraisers are coming up very soon and here is what you should know about them!

Event 1: Spay-ghetti & No (meat) Balls Dinner’

First of all, there is ‘Spay-ghetti & No (meat) Balls Dinner’, an event that takes place 5:00-8:00 pm on Saturday, March 28th at the Sauk Rapids VFW (901 North Benton Dr.). At just $10 for a dinner, you better believe that Bill Nelson, the event’s founder, has plans for getting donations that go well beyond the event’s entry price. He says there will be “plenty of opportunities there for people to spend money that goes towards the animals,” with around 60 auction items and 50 other prizes for guests to bid on and win.

Since all proceeds go towards the shelter and can be used as a tax write-off, he hopes people will make the most of the event by paying full price or more for the items. “People look forward to it because it is a lot of fun.” For instance, Bill’s been busy collecting toys for the event’s ‘stuffed animal adoption’, a place where kids can take home a pet of their own for a donation.

Bill started the event a few years ago as a way for everyone to show their love for animals. By controlling pet reproduction through neutering and spaying, Tri-County could potentially eliminate the need for euthanasia. Hence, this is why he has been getting this event loaded with so many excellent items.

Of course, Bill’s an excellent dude who will be there as well. I recommend you have a chat with him while you’re there. Though he’s a real tough guy, he also has a real soft spot for animals. How else could he have raised over $150k for Tri-County over the last few years? He loves his cats and thinks that animals have so much to teach us, especially about trusting our life-saving instincts. He knows Tri-County’s “cause is greater than animals, it is what the animals do and provides us that matters.” Anyone who has felt the unconditional love of a dog or the exquisite favor of a cat, knows just what he means.

Get tickets for Spay-ghetti & No (Meat) Balls at the Sauk Rapids VFW door/online at

Event 2: Wine Kibbles & Bids

For Tri-County’s bigger-ticket items, check out ‘Wine Kibbles & Bids’ event on Friday, April 17th at 5:30pm at the Gorecki Center of St. Benedict/ St. Joseph. Though the entry price is $85 for an individual or $1,050 for a table, what you’ll find inside is more than worth it. From a gourmet dinner, wine and beer tasting, and great items to bid on during the silent auction, this is one of St. Cloud’s best opportunities to help support love on pets and make some memories.

So many exciting buys will be found at the event from gift cards and jewelry to enticing vacation packages.

Particularly exciting are the flipped pet beds donated by Modern Barnyard. For several months now, St. Cloud’s shabby chic home décor store has sponsored a pet-bed drive where artisans put their skills to the test of making the coolest resting place for pets. Here, words do not suffice to describe the variety and caliber of astounding pet-beds local artists have designed. From old mailboxes painted in tiger/leopard on a wrought iron stand, a vintage ladder with multiple bed flares, and more can be found and bought at Wine Kibbles and Bids with all proceeds going to Tri-County Humane Society.

Jim and John of Modern Barnyard have truly enjoyed being a part of this creative pet bed experiment and can’t wait to see the response of the bidders. Their Cat, Bessie, a TCHS adopted pet, has tested and approved each bed when they first arrive at their retail location.

If this year’s event is anything like the ones that have come before it, over $80K is expected to be raised as we hope to top 2019’s tally. Stretch your imagination, for now, to picture what kind of deals could net that goal and then on April 17th, stretch your heart to help them meet it. Buy your tickets for Wine Kibbles & Bids online or at our shelter location just off of Hwy. 10.

Come Enjoy the Events, Donate If Able and Get Involved If You Feel Moved to do so.

While Tri-County asks a lot from us, it is only because they give so much to the animals. Last year, they spent $1 million to place 3,668 pets, performing 2,354 surgeries, and the work of 17,900 volunteer hours. Right now, their placement rate is 93%, a rate near perfect, especially when compared to other open-admission shelters. If that wasn’t impressive enough, just talk to one of Tri-County’s staff/volunteers, they’ll regale you with heartwarming pet stories that will make you proud of the great work going on around town. If you want to take part in that goodness, all you have to do is offer a little bit of time or money for the shelter. Additionally, TCHS is holding tours every week to enlighten area residents on their accomplishments and the ever-growing need for us to fulfill. Visit or stop in the shelter for tour dates, tickets, and a complete list of adoptable animals.


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