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YOUR INVITED: We’re so Excited to Show You Our Showplace!

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As a retailer, TF&D sells multiple branded lines of carpet and vinyl floor covering options. We also take great pride in our extensive mix of hard and engineered wood, ceramic and porcelain tile, and highest quality throw rug options for your floors. Floor covering happens to be sold in a lot of commercial establishments around the area. However, our showroom offers 25 fully finished, decorated real-life kitchen and bathroom suites for your viewing pleasure to ignite ideas and a clearer direction on how to make your necessary improvements a reality. We will blow you away with your flooring options and give you the ability to create a personal, rich distinction for your home.

Durability of Porcelain

If you need durability because you have a lot of foot traffic and you need it to last for years, then utilizing tile is the product that will outlast everything else. Specifically, porcelain tile is the best choice! The difference between ceramic & porcelain tile is that porcelain is fired up much hotter. Thus, porcelain tiles have fewer air pockets in it and therefore, it is denser and more durable than ceramic tiles.

Tile Accent Walls

We are experiencing more accent walls in tile. Whether you use a wood grain for a farmhouse look in a bathroom or back entry or a large body 12×24 or a 9×36 tile. Your options are here. We are also using mosaic tiles on an entire wall to make a statement! Thus, giving the room a WOW look! Today, our customers are getting exactly what they want and as we have seen the sky is the limit. There is no such thing as a basic wall anymore. You can accent an 8×8 wall for as little as $190.00 to $3000.00.

New Design Options for Fireplaces

Fireplaces are not always done with a big heavy look of field stone or traditional stone that we used previously for fireplaces. Now the times have changed. We see more painted white brick, stacked stone, large body tiles and very rustic planks for the farmhouse look. The creativity is endless in our store!

We thrive on a new look for each customer. Traditional Floors & Design are on top of all the new and upcoming design. We thrive to be the best in our trade. We love design, color, putting great ideas together. From a simple backsplash to an entire home. Stop by today. You won’t be disappointed.

Vinyl (WPC) Flooring Options

One of the newer trends in flooring is floating vinyl. Most of them have a wood grain look. Some are not floated but rather a glue down option. That tends to be more permanent. (But nothing is permanent in this day and age.) It is considered a water-proof core (WPC) product. We had a customer install his new floor himself. Then, they experienced a water leak all over his kitchen. He unclicked the floor, dried it off and put a fan on it. After the floor was completely dry, he reinstalled it! He was very happy with the product. These type of vinyl floors are quite easy to install if you want to tackle it yourself.

Use Our Professional Installers

If not, and you decide you need it installed by a professional, we work closely with several highly skilled subcontractor installers. We have contracted work with some of them for well over 35-40 years. They will do an excellent job for you just as they have done with our 1,000’s of customers before you.

We try to do everything possible to ensure your job goes great! Additionally, we try to figure out any issues prior to starting any job. But, on occasions there could be issues with the subfloors or other things we can’t plan for until we remove the old floors first. Sometimes, the installer pulls off the old floor and the subfloor is rotted or compromised. Thus, it will need to be replaced to ensure we properly install your new floor. And obviously, in the end, there will be a cost in the labor and new subfloor panels installed that we would need to bill for. TF&D team are always as fair as they can be.

Interior Design Inspiration

Design is an important part of what we provide to our customer mix. Sure, we can help you in the store, but we also offer to go out to your home and complete an In-Home Design with your direction and requirements in mind. Yes, we do charge for our Interior Design services. We can recreate a plan and breathe life into kitchens that are stuck in the 80’s and 90’s. We will present you a totally new look with cabinets, Cambria quartz countertops, a new delta faucet, a sink, new backsplash tiles and awesome new floors.

We can create the new look you want! It is cheaper to remodel then it is to sell and buy new! Especially if you love your location and your neighbors!
‘Stop By and Be Inspired’ by our team and our showplace! If you are looking for an exceptional interior designer, you can schedule a time with Pam at Traditional Floors & Design and re-imagine your home together.

Inspired By Design, Exceptional By Choice!

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