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One of the biggest reasons that people purchase new vehicles is not because of mileage, it’s because each year the auto manufacturers put better and more user-friendly technology packages in their vehicles. Instead of trading your vehicle in for a new model, maybe you should consider just adding those creature comforts to your current ride. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, UTV or RV you can have those features installed on your current vehicle. Here are some of the most popular items out there per vehicle type.

BOATS – Obviously upgrading speakers on any boat is a nice feature but you can do so much more. Today’s marine speakers are available in a variety of colors, sizes and some even come with LED lights in multiple colors. To go along with the LED lit speakers, you can install cup holder lights, interior accent lights, under water LED lights, lighted rub rails, or LED lighting underneath your pontoon boat. Of course, tower speakers for wake boats are all the rage and if your tower doesn’t feature a couple of sets it looks a little out of place. And last, but not least, is installing a new stereo receiver that gives you the ability to have full control of your smart phone with today’s newest Bluetooth interfacing. But did you know that you can now get marine receivers that can have a camera interface installed in them? You could use a camera on the front of your pontoon or cruiser and be able to get a better view when docking or when people are swimming around you. We even have FLIR (infrared cameras) that will let you see in total darkness. On wakeboard boats you can use one as a rear-view camera. With a new marine receiver, you can also add LCD screen remote controls throughout the boat for even better control. Some popular places for a remote are in the lower cabin, swim deck, bow or even put one on the passenger and one on the driver’s side.
CARS, TRUCKS & RV’s – In the last couple of years we have seen a huge improvement in safety. Of course, adding a backup camera to your vehicle is a great idea. Whether you are using it to detect hidden objects or for hooking up to your trailer back up cameras are a must-have today. But there is so much more technology now days. You can add front facing cameras, blind spot detection, lane assist and even multi view cameras to your existing vehicle. But number one on the list is the addition of Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Both features are now commonplace when looking at upgrading your radio. And with the new “hands free” law in effect since last August you want to make sure you are driving legally and being as safe as possible. Don’t forget about creature comforts like replacing your cloth interior with leather, adding heated seats, remote start, window tint, cruise control and wireless charging.

MOTORCYCLES – Loud pipes save lives, right? Well then you will need a loud stereo system to go along with it. If you are a Harley guy you are well aware of what a BOOM system is. But did you know there are way better options out there available to you? Rockford Fosgate is at the forefront of Harley Davidson stereos with their model specific replacement speakers, radios and bag lid speaker kits. If you own a Harley and haven’t seen the Rockford Fosgate bag lid kits yet, do yourself a favor and check them out today. While you are looking at upgrading your stereo it’s also a perfect time to upgrade your lighting. Upgraded LED headlights, turn signals, passing lights and taillights are available in black or chrome to look better and help you see better at night. You can also add LED accent lights underneath of your bike to show off a little more.

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