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It’s a fact that Milk is the best way for you to get calcium, a mineral vital for your nervous system, bones, heart, and muscles. Its use by the body makes Calcium an essential part of the diet for the young, old, and everyone in between. Even without knowing the science behind why milk is so important, however, our forbearers knew milk’s value. It was one of the only products delivered fresh to their houses on a weekly basis by the milkman. Whether they did it for the taste, freshness, or purity of the milk is something you can decide for yourself by trying Dairy2U, a St. Cloud business that brings milk from one farmer’s herd of local cows, to the Creamery on his farm and almost a straight line to your home.

Brad says, “We’re bringing the Farm directly to our customers table. It’s important to play a role to help save our valuable resources, our farmers and small businesses.”

Just like in the good old days, the milk they bring is free of hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics and comes from grass-fed, locally raised, and locally owned cows. The milk is sourced from Stony Creek Dairy, as a 7th generation, self-sufficient, family farm in Melrose and kept at just the right temperature for your enjoyment. With 475 acres of grass, barley, and alfalfa for grazing, their milk, and butter, tastes the way dairy is supposed to; hearty, sweet, and refreshing as a summer day.

Nevertheless, Dairy2U is not your grandma’s milk delivery service. Besides offering the freshest milk from local farms, Dairy2U has a wide range of healthy, natural, and delicious products from local producers that can’t be beat by anything you find in the big stores. For example, Dairy2U supplies Jupiter Moon Ice Cream, a dreamy St. Cloud made ice cream, whose flavor is out of this world! They also offer the Redhead Creamery’s ridiculously good artisan cheeses.
For the bread lovers, Dairy2U also provides St. Cloud’s Backwards Bread loaves and croissants at the freshest possible level for your enjoyment. You also have your choice of white and brown eggs from local farmers, wild-caught Red Salmon & Walleye fillets, and precious cuts of local steak and hamburger from Meadowbrook Farms in Sartell, MN. Plus, a variety of outstanding fire-roasted coffee beans from Austin Acres and a great variety of ground coffee and k-packs from New Life Coffee that will make you jump for joy every morning. Ultimately, the list of outstanding foods provided by Dairy2U is too awesome and in-depth for one article, so you’ll have to defer to their website @ www.Dairy2U.com for the full menu.

Dairy2U could not be possible without Brad Hagfors, Dairy2U’s conscientious founder and still one of the Milkmen making deliveries. His mission with Dairy2U has been fourfold; make it convenient for customers, serve the best and freshest quality products, and give customers the option of the healthiest products to enrich their lives and lastly, is extremely important to our lives is supporting local farmers and small businesses doing what they “love” for the good of the whole.

Dairy2U’s convenience is a no-brainer. With a simple phone call or a few clicks, you can have your foods delivered to your doorstep, place of work, or parent’s place which saves both time and money spent at the grocery store. You can pay easily with a credit card and set a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule that works best for your busy life. Dairy2U’s 20-mile service radius around the Greater St. Cloud area, means that, if you are reading this article, you are probably more than eligible for Dairy2U doorstep deliveries.

Furthermore, with a little price comparison, you can see that Dairy2U’s prices are just as good or better than anything you find in a big grocery store at twice the quality.

Because they all come from local suppliers, the foods are produced from healthy and natural ecosystems. This obviously beats the increasingly nutrient-depleted and chemically-saturated soils of big corporate agribusinesses built on return-on-investment (ROI) instead of delivering quality dairy, meat, and vegetable products. No matter how big businesses try, they can’t match the sumptuousness of locals who care as much about their land as the communities they live in. Such local superiority also explains why the food served by Dairy2U are as healthy as they are tasty.

Ultimately, the perks of Dairy2U make it one of those services you have to try to believe. It is as if the state’s best farmers’ market has decided to start delivering their best foods directly to where you want and when you want it. With every delivery, you support rapidly growing local business which enables other local businesses to thrive as well. Hence, Dairy2U is a win-win situation for all of you that understands like us, our small-batched food producers are providing their very best effort, (driven by a great passion and love) to serve the very best of us on an almost very personal level.


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