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Window film is one of the rare products that truly is as good as it looks. Technically, window film is a polyester laminate film that goes onto glass to improve the performance or look of existing windows. For the average homeowner, window film is a real lifesaver! From saving money on utilities bills to protecting your family and belongings from harmful UV rays, window films from Performance Film are the answer to just about any problem a window can make in your home.

Performance Film is a local, family owned business specializing in residential and commercial window film. Owned and operated by Chris Ritter, Performance Film has been serving Minnesota residents and business owners for over 10 years. Many people enjoy the film on their car’s windows, but don’t think about enjoying the same effects on their homes or businesses.

Consider any difficulty with a window, and window film will probably solve the problem. During summer, you may be feeling that your windows are a magnifying glass for the sun’s heat. Half of your air conditioning costs could be saved by applying the correct window film. For example, after window film was installed in an area school, the school’s custodian thought something was wrong when the air conditioner shut down. In actuality, the window film had worked so well that the air conditioner was able to shut down for the first time since the warmer weather began in the spring. As Minnesotans, we know that we do not get this great summer weather for all that long. Window film is also great for preventing heat loss in the cold winter months. The layer of film on a window acts much like plastic window wraps, without the eyesore and work involved in applying and removing the wrap each year.

Besides dramatically reducing heat gain and heat loss, window film also reduces window glare. As much as 87% of glare can be reduced by the correct film. What that means to a homeowner is that you will be able to have as many windows as you want in a room and still be able to properly see tv and computer screens. Window film is great for home offices and living rooms. Window film can be tinted, but clear film on existing windows has many of the same benefits without the tint.

Window film provides two extra types of protection to people and their homes. First, window film shields out as much as 98% of harmful UV rays which can damage skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, around 90% of skin cancer cases are due to exposure to the sun. We all think to put on sunscreen when we are outside, but don’t think twice about sitting in front of a sunny window at home. In addition to the damage to people, UV rays can damage belongings as well. Window film can help prevent the fading of wood floor, fabrics, artworks, etc. The extra protection from UV is a wonderful, often overlooked, aspect of window film in a home. The second form of protection window film provides is an extra layer of security. Because the film is made from sturdy polyester laminate, it adds a layer of protection against anything from natural disasters to accidents to unwanted intruders. Windows with film applied can still break, but they will not shatter into tiny pieces and spread glass all over your home. A layer of window film helps a broken window retain integrity until it can be replaced.

Window film really is as good as it looks! It is a simple addition to your home that can save you more than you spend on installation. Adding a layer of polyester laminate film to your windows can cost just a fifth of the amount of installing new windows. This makes window film a logical alternative to buying new windows when your old ones are deteriorating or damaged. Of course, all these benefits are just as viable in commercial buildings as they are in residential homes. Since many commercial buildings have more glass surface area than homes, window film may be more of a “need” than a “want” for keeping your business cool, safe, and warm when it counts.

All in all, Minnesota is fortunate to have Performance Film’s experience and expertise in window film ensure that you get all the benefits custom fit to your needs. All it takes is a quick phone call (320-980-8083), and you can get started on your way to stronger, more efficient windows!

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