East Side Glass


Our lives have been turned upside down because of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many businesses are closed and/or operating differently, and many people are out of work. Some that are still working are finding themselves on the front lines facing a danger they never could have imagined they would be facing at their job as a store clerk or a grocery store worker. Anyone that is now labeled an “essential worker”, and that are in contact with the general public on a daily basis deserve our utmost respect and deserve to be protected during this pandemic.

We here at East Side Glass Company have been working with many customers and some major retail companies in the area to supply them with, and to help them install plexiglass dividers and sneeze guards to separate customers from counter clerks wherever possible. These dividers are meant to help shield people from passing COVID-19 to each other when they interact at checkout lanes. Many customers have been ordering plexiglass sheets and finding the easiest and fastest way to get these up to protect their employees and customers. We stock several thicknesses of plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets and can cut or fabricate them to size to fit your needs. We can also come onsite to help with your design and to come up with a plan to have our technicians fabricate and install the dividers for you.

As this crisis continues to unfold and as we start to get a clearer picture of how long term these conditions will be present in our daily lives, customers may want to start constructing more permanent barriers that are more aesthetically pleasing. We can help with that also. Whether it is a sneeze guard type barrier using posts and tempered glass,

or a fully framed glass barrier, we can help with your design or design something for you that will be functional yet stylish. We offer free onsite estimates and consultations.

Because we are in construction, East Side Glass Companies services are deemed essential and we have been able to stay open and operate through the stay at home order in the state of MN. We are taking all the necessary steps to protect our staff and customers as we navigate through this crisis. We currently have our showroom open to the public but we’re still able to do curb side pick ups and drop offs for projects. We are still doing onsite residential installs and our commercial side is still operating as normal while taking all the necessary precautions. We have ramped up our stock of plexiglass and polycarbonates and are trying to make orders for these dividers a priority in our shop to get them to our customers ASAP. We appreciate all our past and current customers and pledge to do our best to help serve your needs through this unique time in our country’s history. Stay safe!