M & H Appliance Sales & Service


M & H has been operating in St. Cloud over the past 90+ years as a family run business and has gained the reputation as a valued service organization. In June of 2019 there was a transition of ownership from Bob Regan to the Ashworth family. The Ashworth’s have two other stores located in Pease and Mora. Since the purchase, they have increased the floor space of the Saint Cloud store and expanded their offering of both available appliance brands and increased the quantity of models on the floor. The selection is tremendous, carrying more quality, high-end appliances, and more varying models to peruse before making your final choice.

As Art Ashworth describes, “We’ve brought in high end brands such as Wolf, Sub-Zero, Fisher-Paykel, Bosch and more”. These are superior products that are worth even more than their price tag suggests in terms of longevity, look, and function. These high-end choices are not found at box stores. Nevertheless, one of the best things about M & H is that they compete with box store prices while providing honest personal service instead of telling you to call a ‘1-800-I-Don’t Care’ customer service line with any issues or questions.

Rather, M & H has certified sales and service personnel whose qualifications make you feel confident you are working with the right people. When the Ashworth’s took over M & H, they kept all of Bob’s professionally trained technicians and installers. In other words, no 3rd party technicians are used. “You have the safety of having employees of M & H handle your every need.” Hence, for many of the best appliances, manufacturers will give you an extra year (or more} of warranty coverage if their product is installed by one of M & H’s professionals.

Where M & H’s service capabilities truly shine, however, is in how they “take care of the customers”. When a person buys an appliance from M & H, they are going to get a follow-through that simply does not compare to anything you get from Home Depot, Best Buy, or any other big-box store. For instance, they will help you with your appliance whether it is under warranty or not. Maybe that’s because M & H has been servicing the area for over 90 years, or maybe, because it’s a family owned store.

All four members of the Ashworth family, Art the father, Debbie the mother, Brian the son, and Angie the daughter, are making M & H a labor of love. Art describes how it is “almost to the point where we are constantly talking about work, always thinking about the business 24/7, trying to make things better.” Though holding that kind of dedication may be tough for a family, it is quite beneficial for the customers and community they feel accountable to.

Their commitment is shown in ways big and small. For instance, the Ashworth’s have expanded their showroom space by 7500 sq. ft. to have a total of 20,000 square feet across their three stores. That kind of space is great to have a wide selection to experience all of the brands and color selections to see what fits into your kitchen the best, or even how tasty food can be from a Green Egg Grill.

That is right, every Saturday, prior to the Covid-19 lock down, M & H would provide refreshments such as fresh cooked and sliced ham or pulled pork for the public to enjoy while browsing through the store. It is a practice that they hope to bring back as soon as the circumstances permit it. Until then, M & H is following all CDC guidelines to ensure maximum safety for its customers and staff.

Not surprisingly, more of M & H’s sales are coming from online than ever. If you visit, you’ll see that the website is exceptionally well designed for your purchasing experience. For example, a ‘Live Chat’ option will connect you within minutes to an M & H professional who can give you whatever support and direction you may need. I particularly like the option to examine the rating and reviews of every product they offer so you can hear from real customers how they liked the products. Alternatively, you could use the website just like a catalog so that you know just what to look for when shopping at the store in person.

One thing you may notice from visiting a M & H store or the website is just how many different products they offer. I would list the categories of appliances, electronics, mattresses, and furniture they offer, but it’s easier to say that if your home needs it, M & H probably has it. The good news is, with three stores to draw from they have plenty of local inventory, M & H will continue to have in stock models for months to come even as Covid-19 related factory shutdowns are expected to affect other stores. They have hundreds of items in the local warehouse where others have almost none.

Regardless of what is to come, M & H’s inventory makes every attempt to solve a customer’s needs. One customer recently revealed how M & H’s stock probably got them the oven they needed two to three weeks before they would have gotten it from Home Depot. Hence, when you need the right appliance at the right time, visit M & H.

Besides having a stellar and newly remodeled showroom, our sales team is as considerate as they are knowledgeable. Art points out how they are “Professional salespeople with years of history selling, and we’re not a commissioned sales organization. We will take the time with you to get you what you want.” That makes M & H a community resource in more ways than one.