Miller Carlin Funeral Homes


“After sharing a lifetime with your loved one, we at Miller Carlin Funeral Homes will help bring family and friends together in a place of warmth, compassion, and reflection.”

When a loved one dies, there is a legacy that they leave behind. Whether you want to commemorate that legacy quite simply or with an elaborate celebration, Miller-Carlin Funeral Homes, located in St. Cloud, Albany, Holdingford, or Upsala, MN, can get you started when you need the support and guidance the most.

Though grief is just a five-letter word, it contains a feeling so sorrowful and uncommon to our everyday life that we often don’t know what comes next. Nevertheless, with nearly 150 years in supporting Minnesotans through their earthly transition, Miller-Carlin is one resource you can put your faith in.

Life is rarely simple, especially when it ends. Chances are, if you have had a loved one die, you’re aware of the many challenges that come afterward from moving the body to tying up legal loose ends. In such situations, the first action you make should be to call Miller-Carlin.

We’ll immediately begin the work of transporting your loved one to the funeral home. Regardless of where your loved one has passed, from a nearby hospital or in another state, Miller-Carlin will collect their body and start the necessary care preparations. With four different locations, we cover all of Minnesota and we can provide funeral services for you and your family.

Once you have contacted our funeral home, you may schedule your appointment to decide what services to set up for their memory and remains. Whether you want a public funeral with military honors or simply, a private affair, we have had years of experience satisfying customers. For the second time in a row, Miller-Carlin has won the National Funeral Director Association’s “Pursuit of Excellence Award.”

Miller-Carlin Funeral Home also does all the work of managing the service so that they run smoothly and on schedule. From finding secure locations to setting up music or a photo board, Miller-Carlin will handle the most important aspects of the service. That includes printing and distributing programs for guests, getting flower arrangements, handling catering, or getting a funeral officiant. If you’ve ever been to a funeral, chances are there was a funeral director there working behind the scenes coordinating each of every little detail with the family.

Obituaries also may be a challenge that funeral homes help with. Sometimes the obituary is handled within the family or written by the deceased, however, many people let the funeral home’s specialized writing staff create a compelling and unique obituary for publication. Regardless of who wrote it, the funeral home can help get the obituary into the local papers as well as to papers of wherever the deceased lived previously.

As an experienced funeral director, I can be an asset in helping you create a memorial fund. Though Miller Carlin offers a wide range of price options for services, sometimes funeral expenses are tough for families already hit with loss to cover. In such situations, you can turn to Miller-Carlin for help setting up a memorial donation fund for guests which then can be spent however you need.

Handling loose ends is what funeral homes like Miller-Carlin do best. For example, we can help secure and produce duplicate death certificates that are necessary down the road for settling affairs. The Social Security Administration will also be notified by the funeral home of your loved one’s death.

If you or a loved one wish to prepare for a funeral before dying, then I can also guide you through a pre-planned service. As many people have found out first hand, last-minute funerals can be quite stressful. A pre-planned funeral, however, can help set affairs in order so that there are no unnecessary questions or financial burdens after yours or another family member’s death. Miller-Carlin can help you through this process and you can even make initial payments on services.

Finally, I may connect you with the support and advice you need. Coping with grief is no easy matter, however, many people have made it their life’s work to understand and help others through it. Their words and resources can, therefore, empower you in the wake of a loved one’s departure. If you’re uncertain about who can help, chances are as your funeral director I will likely have some suggestions for you in your need for a little help. It is our job, after all, to bring comfort to those who need it the most.

No matter where you or your loved one is at on life’s pathway, Miller-Carlin Funeral Home has the guidance you can lean on. At a time of loss, grieving is a natural process family and friends will go through and at Miller-Carlin our support team is knowledgeable, professional and prepared to serve your family as best as we can.