Modern Barnyard



               Modern Barnyard is more than just a fabulous home décor retailer, it’s where you can learn how to not only reimagine, repurpose, and refinish furniture but sell your works as well. While our last article on Modern Barnyard focused on the enormous range of selections and styles at the store, there simply wasn’t room to cover everything this very cool store has to offer the community. That’s why, this time, we are going to take a closer look at the exciting classes that Modern Barnyard has for growing your confidence and fun with arts and crafts. 

                Why should you use their classes to become a DIY pro? According to Jim, the company’s founder, “repurposing is hot”. Whether you are ‘flipping’ the old styles or remodeling from the ground up, you can have so much more fun doing it yourself (DIY) than if you hire a pro. Plus, you’ll be able to save, renew, and accessorize the things you love to fit your designs and build creativity.

                Of course, many people don’t DIY because it can be scary, just like anything new can be. Fortunately, with the classes at Modern Barnyard, “in 2 ½ hours to get the confidence to take on a project and redo parts of their homes or refinish your own furniture. You can jump right into it” as Brenda Hemming shared with a big smile.

                Diana and Brenda Hemming are customers who both painted in their house but after a class at Modern Barnyard experienced a dramatic improvement in their abilities and confidence.

               Diana, who now works at Modern Barnyard, started off buying Annie Sloan paint (the #1 decorative paint in the world) from Modern Barnyard for furniture. Then, Jim told her that they had classes and after one session, Diana commented on “what a difference, what they teach you, the techniques, the different kinds of paints, and waxes.” These days, Diana is not just crafting but building with the skills she has acquired. She’s gone beyond her comfort zone and bought a nail gain, a paint gun, an air compressor, and more tools to help fuel her passion rebuilding.

              Likewise, Brenda comments that with the help of the crafting classes, “the sky is the limit!” Using Modern Barnyard’s techniques and paints she has completely refinished the cabinets, walls and floors in a dated kitchen her friend had planned to completely tear down. Fortunately, Brenda’s handiwork has both saved the kitchen and inspired her friend to start “thinking outside the box”.

             Since Jim and John travel abroad constantly searching for new décor and learning new recrafting techniques, the classes are always improving as well. Diana states that John and Jim bring back, “all this new knowledge that is taught to you, so… you can’t go wrong. They really teach you a lot. It’s amazing how they work together to teach the classes, and the smiles! It’s really fun. They have fun and they’re excited, and the best part is they love to share.”

              Speaking of sharing, our magazine’s own editor and chief, Tim Osmondson and his wife have included in this picture of a recent Modern Barnyard inspired craft project. Taking old wood from the top of a door frame and kickboard trim, the Osmondsons created this farm style coat rack by the doorway. Soon, you’ll be able to see Osmondson’s products for sale at Modern Barnyard too.

             Likewise, you can find Diana’s works at Modern Barnyard as well. Though after her class she became a part-time employee at Modern Barnyard, the exposure she had to the vendors bringing in their goods led her to realize, “I can do this.” Shortly thereafter, she told Jim, “I want to be a vendor,” his response, “Yes!”

            Actually, because she is a vendor now, Diana has gotten to attend one of John and Jim’s painting classes for free! It’s just one of the ways that John and Jim like to share their new-found knowledge with their vendors so that the exciting techniques they discover abroad can quickly enter into the store.

           Modern Barnyard is giving back as well with the Tri-County Animal Hospital’s Petbed fundraiser as well. While in January, contestants were re-purposing and building pet beds, Jim says that February is for ‘finishing up’ what they have made. The beds they make will be donated to the Tri-County Humane Society’s 2020 Wine, Kibbles, and Bids auction on April 17th. The most popular and creative pet beds will receive votes on Modern Barnyard’s social media locals with three $100 gift cards as prizes. Here is another “Bessie approved” pet bed that was recently entered by a customer.

           Since Modern Barnyard is more loaded than ever with well-schooled vendors like Diana and Brenda, spending those gift cards is sure to be a ton of fun! In the words of Jim, “We are more than just a store where you can come in to buy furniture, we are a store where you can learn to do it and do your own refinishing or re-purposed projects as well”.