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I hope you are enjoying the summer months in the water or at least around water, while fishing, boating, or possibly, operating a wave runner. The temps and dew points have been up so please be safe, staying cool and hydrated.

We are highlighting a business in this issue that has been an important cog in St. Cloud area for some 90+ years. M&H Appliance Sales & Service is now owned by the Ashworth Family, Art the father, Debbie the mother, Brian the son, and Angie the daughter are all actively involved. They just enjoyed their one year anniversary in the month of June and invite you to see the increased floor space and expansion of their offerings of both available brands of appliances (high-end appliances, such as Wolf, Sub-Zero and Fisher-Paykel brands) and the sheer quantity of models on the floor. M&H staff are following Covid-19 safety protocols for your health concerns at our store and while performing service calls at your home. Read more.

We introduce a new local writer Alicia Campbell to SCA Living Magazine who introduces us to Anna-Majia Lee and her dream for her Community Coffee Cart business to serve our local area with coffee and specialty drinks at special events and while training and mentoring youth on both the necessary skills for employment and helping these teenagers to gain confidence in themselves. Dig in!

Airborn Disc Golf Preserve brought a National Tournament to Clearwater during the July 4th weekend. Cale Leiviska, the World’s #9 rated disc golf pro has opened his disc golf preserve this spring. You can watch the tournament online on Youtube and other media outlets covering this fastest growing sport in the United States. Wonderful article!

In our July/August publication; we have,
– Pam from Traditional Floors & Design shares how their business is a family affair and how well their daughters, Christy, Abby, and Anna work together which truly has made their team even stronger for their clientele. She shares the vital role each play and how adept they are in the Interior Design business.
– Sound Connection discussing why you have more options than just trading in your latest vehicle for enhanced creature comforts with a new vehicle. With us, you can have us install these new improved options in your present-day vehicle and save a lot of money over the coming year not paying monthly installments on a new car.
– Brad Hagfors, founder of Dairy2U wants to let you know he is passing through your neighborhood delivering Stony Creek Milk, Butter, Cream, Redhead Cheese, Jupiter Moon Ice Cream, Backwards Bread, Farm Fresh Eggs and so much more.
– Edina Realty shares June new listings/solds, and trends for the St. Cloud market.
– East Side Glass discusses options for utilizing plexiglass to help mitigate Covid-19.
– Chris Ritter operates Performance Film and we’re happy to introduce his quality film products and the benefit of keeping your home cooler in the summer and protect your furnishings and floors from undue wear.
– We discuss Batteries + Bulbs expansive line of batteries and bulbs for Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Lawn & Garden riding mowers, Tractors, ATVs/UTVs Powersports Equipment, and Watercraft.
– Computer Dynamics co-owner Katherine Hultquist shares with us why Window Updates are Important for us to install when available.
– RinkeNoonan – Attorneys at Law discusses guidance on when you should update your Estate Plan.
– ExteriorPro of St. Cloud co-owner Erik Zeisemer provides “Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Siding Installer”. You will be extremely impressed with their work when they have completed your home.

We’re so proud to put our Bingo Card together and we’re working with such fantastic restaurants, bars, and shops in the St. Cloud area. This is such a fantastic opportunity for our readers and others to participate in dining out, doing take out or delivery. Whatever suits your fancy but please spend dollars at these 24 fine establishments by eating their food, consuming some drinks or buying their goods. All you have to do is spend $10.00 at 5 locations across, up/down, or diagonal in a line and have a chance to win 1 of the 50 gift cards available. We will be offering up a gift card up to $200.00 from Dairy2U and down to $10.00 value. Spend a little to give back to our dining and shopping options while at the same time they are giving back to you.

Visit them through the month of August 31st! You can complete as many Bingo’s as possible.

Here is the list of the establishments partaking on the Bingo Card: Click This Link of Bingo Card to print FRONT-Back of Bingo Card – 13 x 4.75 Finished Size_LRES

Backwards Bread
Batteries + Bulbs
Best Burger Ever
The Boulder Tap House
Burger Time
Computer Dynamics
Crooked Pint
House Of Pizza – Sartell
House Of Pizza – St. Cloud
H.R. Pesty’s
Insomnia Cookies
Jimmy’s Pour House
Jupiter Moon
Maverick’s Steaks Cocktails
Millner Heritage Winery & Cidery
Modern Barnyard
Molitors Quarry Grill & Bar
Old Capital Tavern
Pacific Wok
Pizza Depot
Searles on 5th Avenue
The Preserve — Airborn Disc Golf Preserve

They can’t wait to serve you personally over the coming month!

Enjoy the read & please get involved with your community,

Tim Osmondson



Set your mortgage budget
Before you start viewing homes, you’ll want to determine your payment budget. Start by getting pre-qualified. Pre-qualification is a quick process where you supply your financial information to a lender, and they offer an estimate for the mortgage in which you would qualify.

In this fast-paced market, it is recommended to take this process to the next level and become pre-approved. Pre-approval is a more thorough process where you provide a detailed financial history to the lender and they provide a pre-approval letter. This states your assumed mortgage loan approval amount, plus an estimate of your expected interest rate. Buyers who are pre-approved may be taken more seriously in negotiations and throughout the buying process.

Start researching locations
Once your budget is established, the fun begins! Create a few saved searches on or Edina Realty’s mobile app. Begin by setting your anticipated budget and the city, neighborhood or hand-drawn custom search where you want to live. Save your favorite properties so you can return to them instantly.

Play around with the variables in your saved searches to see how far your dollars can stretch. You can also set up automated hourly or daily alerts as your search becomes more serious.
Worried about daily traffic? Save addresses for work, school, daycare and more in the Edina Realty app and our integrated INRIX Drive time feature will estimate your daily commute times for each location.

Interview and hire a REALTOR®
Get a leg up on other buyers by hiring a Realtor before you are ready to tour homes and make an offer. That way, you’ll have developed a trusted relationship and communication standards you can employ in your search and purchase.

There are many questions you can ask your Realtor when buying, but you’ll especially want to confirm that they:
• Intimately understand the city or neighborhood where you hope to buy
• Have deep insights about the local market and how it will impact your purchase
• Have past client references they are willing to share with you, or mentor-ships if there are new to the business
• Have the time and desire to work with you, regardless of your time line or budget.

Need help getting started?
Whether you need assistance finding a lender, real estate agent or just want to learn more about the buying process, we can help. Reach out to your local Edina Realty office. We are happy to help!

Key Insights from February 2020
Median Sale Price:                                    $197,900              +8.2%
New Listings:                                                                                    +2.5%
Pending Sales:                                                                                  +2.3%
Aver. Days on Market:                                             72              -1.4%
Number of homes for sale:                                646               -4.2%

Key Insights for homes over $300K
Median Sale Price:                                     $368,073                 -0.5%
New Listings:                                                                                   +13.7%
Pending Sales:                                                                                 +18.7%
Average Days on Market:                                                     119 0.0%
Number of homes for sale:                                 215                 -2.7%

Get Better Sleep with Synergy Sleep Health

by Jeff Pollari, Local Writer for SCA Living Magazine

What’s a good night’s sleep for you? Chances are, if you don’t know, you may want to talk with Jennifer Blum about receiving a consultation from her. She is St. Cloud’s resident respiratory therapist and sleep medicine specialist, and owner of Synergy Sleep Health. She is a certifiable ‘Sleep Coach’ whose got the experience, tools, and supplies necessary to help everyone to get the necessary sleep they deserve.

Jennifer’s strategy for sleep success is evident in her clinic’s in-home sleep testing service. While it may seem obvious that sleeping in a laboratory with medical equipment all around you may throw off your natural rhythms, that’s the way most sleep professionals conduct sleep studies. Fortunately, Blum is changing the game with in-home sleep screening which provides all of the important information you need to get a good night’s sleep without actually losing a night’s sleep in the process.

 With just a few simple wearable devices, Blum can detect the client’s heart rates, breathing pattern, oxygen levels, blood pressure, body position, how much time they spend snoring, nasal pressure, and more. After the study, Jennifer will spend about two hours going through the sleep data before forwarding it onto a doctor specializing on sleep for final analysis. The result is a comprehensive ‘sleep report’ that Jennifer walks clients through to find out what their needs are and what options are available for them. Thus, Synergy Sleep offers the best of modern sleep medicine combined with Jennifer’s passion for sleep and coaching experience.

Actually, Jennifer’s coaching experience goes well beyond sleep. While she has spent 17 years in sleep medicine, for more than a decade she has been a girl’s softball coach for Rocori. Her intention for those girls is the same as for her spleep clients. “I want to empower them to be their best,” she says.

Likewise, Jennifer’s at her best when she’s outside. “Winter or Summer, I don’t care… If we can do it outside, I love it.” No doubt someone is getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis! Seriously though, without a good night’s sleep, you will notice your life’s quality start to diminish. Depression, for example, is a common side effect of not getting enough quality sleep. Blum refers to this as “chicken and the egg,” scenario since it is so hard to tell what started first, the weariness of depression or the lack of good sleep. As Jennifer observes, “if we are tired and not at our best, feeling like a zombie, we don’t have the energy to do the things we want to do, like play with our kids, maybe our grandkids.”

Jennifer states, “everything I do is circled around my family or building Synergy Sleep Health.” She has four children, and James Herberg is a coach himself. Maybe you have heard of him. As head coach, Herberg led Rocori High School to win the AAAA Football championship this past month. No doubt his enthusiasm for sports and coaching was inspired by his mom’s own enthusiastic example.

As a professional writer, Jennifer’s daughter Nicole Ahles has actually taken an active part in the business by helping to write Synergy Sleep Health’s website content and articles discussing the importance of her work. She observes, in one article for example, how “It’s estimated that people will spend a third of their lives sleeping. If you were to live to 75 years, that would mean you will have spent roughly 25 years sleeping.” Hence, if you’re not making the most out of your life’s rest, don’t expect a lot from the rest of your life.”

Helping people get the sleep that is right for them is the focus of Jennifer’s work. Sleep warning signs may be more common than you think. If you wake up in the morning feeling fatigued or with a headache, come home from work “dragging through the day,” or wake your partner up in bed with your snore sounds, chances are you’re seriously losing out on sound deep and/or REM sleep.

Fixing your sleep up is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. Synergy Sleep Health flexibility to work with many of the insurance providers to cover the necessary testing and sleep equipment devices. In the rare event that you are not covered by a provider, you can also use your HSA or FSA dollars. After just 10-15 minutes with Jennifer, you’ll be up to speed on how to take your in-home sleep test after visiting with your family physician.

With your data and her expertise, you can determine together whether or not you have sleep apnea and need a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device. This is where Jennifer’s coaching experience really shines. Whether you are buying, fitting, or cleaning your CPAP, she can help you find the set-up that’s best for you. A 30-day mask return guarantee, for example, is just one of the pro-tips Jennifer uses to make sure that everyone goes home and to bed happy.

Even if you don’t have a sleep study done with Synergy Sleep Health, you can still count on their expertise when it comes to your sleep equipment. Jennifer states that Synergy will “still get them their necessary supplies and coach them along the path to better quality of sleep.” Customers report Jennifer Blum is very professional while performing as a sleep coach. Dustin K., for example, states that “My experience with Jennifer and Synergy Sleep has been incredibly enjoyable. My expectations continue to be exceeded and really appreciate the expertise Jennifer brings to any visit.”

The benefits of meeting with her sounds almost too good to be true. Studies indicate that they help to improve mental health, creativity, athleticism, focus, and lifestyle health while reducing the risk of serious health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and insomnia.

Women especially want to consider a visit to Synergy since their sleep deprivation symptoms often contrast with the sleep symptoms derived from entirely male populations. For instance, increased depression, mood imbalances, and weight gain are not uncommon side-effects of chronic poor sleep in women, particularly during menopause.  

Regardless of what is ailing you, a simple consultation with Jennifer Blum at Synergy Sleep Clinic will be all you need to cross sleep off your list of possible suspects. On the plus side, you’ll also get to meet with the sleep coach who can help you sleep like a champ.

What are the best items to bring to eat at a Hunting Camp?

by Donald Manea, Owner of Manea’s Meats

If you have ever been hunting with a group of hunters or at a Hunter’s Camp, you will know that there are some expected staples of food served on every trip. From breakfast and lunch to the in-betweens like a brunch or a snack and of course the after dark dinner… many favorites come to mind.

A breakfast seemingly will always include eggs and butcher bacon, maybe venison (or breakfast) sausage and black coffee. No dinner is as good as something brewing for hours in a crock pot heating slowly for maximum flavor and melt in your mouth texture. Plus, it will cook while you are away doing exactly what you came to do to begin with… Hunting!!
So… Which meal is the best of the best? What are your favorites?

#1.) Butcher Bacon with Eggs
We carry a variety of sliced Bacon flavors, and if breakfast sausage is your liking, we have that too at Manea’s!

#2.) Jerky and Meat Sticks
Manea’s offers 6 flavors of Jerky and 12 flavors of Meat Sticks.

#3.) Beef Stew Meat
Yummy and Hearty.

#4.) Smoked Pulled Pork Mix – Plain, BBQ, & Carnitas
You can serve this on a bun or better yet with the Carnitas you can serve it on a Soft-Shell Taco with all the fixings.

#5.) Pulled Smoked Chicken
Again, to be served on a bun or on a Soft-Shell Taco with your favorite fixings.

#6.) Heat n’ Serve Roast Beef Au Jus –
It’s filled with our Manea’s smoked tri tip steak cut and homemade au jus sauce.

#7.) Beef and Venison Mix Kabobs –
Grab your favorite preferred Steak cut & mix in your freshly harvested back strap venison cuts to enjoy over an open flame with your favorite seasonings from Manea’s! So delicious…

#8.) Brats & Sauerkraut
The Kraut may be out but go with your favorite condiment choices!

As with all hunting camps/group hunts over time we will experience the dreaded skunking. Thus, the group of hunters are left sitting around the table, maybe a fire, with bruised egos, telling wildly exaggerated stories (of the distance away, limited sight, or just maybe, the animal came from behind me and disappeared within a second), and growling bellies. What I have learnt from all of this is tied to my past experiences and it does pay to prepare for the day when no one brings home the meat and just brings something from Manea’s Meats Butcher Shop. Your Greater St. Cloud Area’s Hunter Headquarters!

Also, if you are a do-it-yourself venison jerky, meat stick, or sausage processer we have all of the necessary spices, sauces, high temp cheeses, casings, and ground pork to mix in batches of 25lb or more. Please provide us with a 24-hour notice and we will get you the supplies you need to make your venison brats, sausages, and meat sticks. Can’t wait to hear your hunting story!